Fishing in August? — 9 Comments

  1. Brilliant photos, great share…and if nothing else, your writing on this blog alone is “prize worthy”!

    The bits ye’ve posted from yer book are brilliant – written in a way that is “conversational” – very infomative and also easy to read for Les Enfants – but not too simple as to deter any adult from reading them…the perfect combination.

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing about the Saturday night’s banquet! Exciting about the waterspout! That’s something I have never seen. I’m glad you got out safetly.

    For those of you interested – I will be putting some new pieces of jewelry on my Etsy site this weekend. I invite you to take a look!

  3. Great pic’s BW,navigating inshore over here involves a lot of flint rock and I now have 460 rocks marked on my GPS chart map making it priceless.

    What is he holding in his hand? The emergency stop cord?

  4. sounds like you had an adventure. sometimes, in my estimation anyway, I have had more fun than catchin fish just havin a ‘venture. lol. good luck at confrence win, win, win! much MOJO God Bless

  5. Hope all is going well at the banquet tonight! I’ve got all my fingers and toesies crossed for you.

    Love the capture of the waterspout – we get plenty here and every now and then one comes ashore in Galveston. They never last long then, but they can take a roof off. The best I ever saw was a pair of them on Galveston Bay one July 4th – that’s a celebration for you!

    I watched the National Geographic vid and really enjoyed it. I’m glad to know about it – I’ll make use of that in my post about the “scutes and scales”, too.

  6. It’s late , I’m tired and very aromatic so this will be brief. I’m just glad to hear you’ve taken a little RandR, fishing and the banquet. I’d say good luck, but it’s over by now. I’ll read about it tomorrow night.

  7. My grandpa, an old Navy vet, always taught me to make sure I had 3 points of reference on the water. I’ve grown up on the lake and can navigate the coves like second nature. The streets in my hometown of 300 that I’ve lived in for 33 years still confuse me, lol.

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