Chapter 9 – The Deckhand — 40 Comments

  1. Wonderful story! I’m too lazy to go back and look up the answer to what I’m about to ask. Isn’t your degree in Business? Maybe I’m getting a chapter or two ahead now. Did you also get a degree in Education or give it up for the married life?

    BW, I’m wishing you and all your readers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

  2. What a wonderful story! I’m more intriqued with your life, the more I learn.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas. We’re having a beautiful white one here!

    • We will have a wonderful one! Tomorrow with the youngest boys and Thursday with all of the kids together! The photos of your snow are so beautiful, they don’t look real. They’re just so perfect, Kim!!!

  3. I love your story. I felt like I was on that deck right beside you observing all you wrote about. I will be waiting for the next chapter.

    Wishing you, your family, friends and all your fans a Merry Christmas filled with happiness, love and family.

  4. Very nice….

    I did a tour of the old MOD site today saw those kumquats I ‘pickled’ in 2007 4 almost 5 years ago. Dang I am getting old and tired and…

    Kicking around trip down soon as things clear up if they do….

  5. piece of cake simple syrup, sugar water equal parts boil turn off let cool to say 180 then cover kumquats with and let cool pull the them out then jar up with good brandy. the fridge them up.

    use the syrup for sno cones or sumpin, ok?

  6. Whole. Fiber is your friend. You should watch my yankee co workers peel them then throw everything away. Big fun they will not eat the peel or even taste it.

    • Blu, I eat them whole. I just wondered how any of the “flavor” gets into them if they are not cut open at all. Yankee co workers don’t know any better. Shoot, there ain’t nothing left of a kumquat if you peel it!!

        • Oh, Cammy, you are a jewel!!! This is a great idea! If I’m going to spend good money on Korbel brandy for kumquats to swim in, I certainly want the brandy to permeate the fruit, right? I do, don’t I?

          • I certainly would. And a pin prick should provide just enough of a hole in the rind to let in the brandy without saturating or making it mushy.

            I would make an extra pint and put it away in the fridge w/a note to leave alone. Then when summer gets here and you have that cookout or craving for homemade ice cream, add about half of the pint to a saucepan with a cup or so of simple syrup and boil it down into a topping for the ice cream. Bet it would be fabulous over vanilla or even peach ice cream.

  7. Flavor? Now you lost me. I just stuck them in fridge in brandy for a bit like a year. Picked in November might have been delivered in April that year I guess.

    • Ok, Blusome, riddle me this. What did YOU do with the bottled orange mini-globes after months in a jar of brandy? Did you pop them in your mouth? If so, how did they taste? Choup floated his in some kind of exotic martinis, I think. They looked pretty, although I don’t know if he ate them.

  8. I ate a few. I may have poke a few too. 2007 was a long time ago in bluyears. I think any old alcohol would work but brandy is sweeter.
    Use good old Christian Bros. choice of ice fishermen.
    151 rum might bring the pirates out.

    I am going to have to beg for kumquats now.

    I think I had 4 Jelly jars. 2 to Fourchon 1 here and 1 to someone I forgot who wanted one.

    • I posted my answer above about using a simple syrup before I read all the way thru here. Guess I am not the only one who things of toppings for ice cream. 🙂

  9. BW, what a wonderful story! Like Gué, I went back and read, just to get it all in mind again. Good stuff.

    I’m so glad you had a good Christmas. I surely did – and Papa Noel brought me a whole basket filled with satsumas! And, I had my first taste of Gateau de sirop – I nearly died, it was so good. I could just keep going and going about all the fun, but I’ll write about it instead – pictures, too!

    Here comes a New Year – I’ll make it down your way again in this one!

  10. To continue the cooking hijack I am kicking around dried cranberry mustard. Not sure of blending device, blender, handheld, or morter.

  11. Doing a cranberry pecan port compote on turkey sammiches. Also got a cranberry chutney too.

    I could use an old bayou cook with a cure for my new heartburn issues.

    • Here’s the cure: Do not ever take antacids of any kind; rather, find balance through your food choices. But, you already knew that. I might be looking for a good cook for the restaurant I dream of opening! Can you cook bayou? Regardless, that turkey sammich and compote sound divine. I want one!

      • I can swap days with Mark and Termite. The moneys in Rice and Eggs.

        My fellow diabetic type 2’s are telling me that I was off carbs so long now they give me reflux. fool things never liked them anywho…

        Shrimp n Grits n Clam n Grits and Grits, grits, grits grits, spam, grits and grits. No bacon ever kills the palate or the paint runs outside the numbers or sumptin…

        Live music…..

        I need to run over to Floyd’s Music Shop. Bye….

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