First Bayou Woman Adventure Short Film — 30 Comments

  1. This is just wonderful! And I’m laughing like crazy – my new post is called “Learning to Make Our Own Groceries”! That’s what you gals are doing, for sure.

    The video’s really well done. And yes, ma’am, I heard that business about April, photography and birds. Yes, I did. 😉

    • Well, I haven’t had time to read your latest post because I was busy making my own groceries today: Today I learned that from pumpkin to pie takes FOUR HOURS. And in the midst of all that, I made a delicious Duck Gumbo (ducks compliments of Termite) that finished simmering just as the pies finally came out of the oven! Uh huh! Yes ma’am, I’m glad you heard that!!!!

      • Duck gumbo!? I’ve never heard of such! I certainly hope you’re still hovering over the table. Pumpkin pies from scratch? I’m such a schlub I make do with Libby’s. 😉

        • Simmer duck breasts and trinity in seasoned water. Fry some bacon. Brown some smoked sausage in that bacon grease and remove. Strain broth, saving onions, etc. Save broth. Make a roux in bacon grease. Make gumbo base using roux and broth. Tear meat from breasts and chop. Add all meats to base. I added okra and tomatoes I had smothered together from summer garden and frozen. Add Worcestershire, Cayenne, Black, Salt, Louisiana hot sauce, Pick a Peppa, Garlic powder, and Gumbo File`. Hm. I think that’s about it. Simmer for a good while and eat dat stuff up with some rice!!!

    • Darlene, sometimes I have 2-3 folks call and I need four to make it profitable to launch out on a tour. So, is that what you mean by fill-in? If so, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the comps on the video!

  2. WooHoo! Very nice video! Who will see this besides us online? It will give people so many ideas for fun in a (perhaps) new and adventurous way. You have to know – if I had money, I’d be down for birding and photography. 🙂 Great job.

    • Your post really made me laugh!!! Thanks so much for the kind, French words, Don! I have had an idea for a “real” show based on life here for several years. One small production company is now doing just that, and I’m so jealous I can hardly stand it!

  3. So proud to see ye “movin’ on up” with this – excellent video promo (kudos to yer mate for filming/assembling it). Congrats to ye…always knew ye could do it…and congrats to those ladies for being the first to journey with ye into “Bayou Woman Adventures”!

  4. Great video! Y’all are working on a 30 or 60 second spot for the History Channel, aren’t ya? On second thought, that might be a bit expensive…maybe a local market first.

    • Are you suggesting that I’m working on a TV commercial? Hm. Now that you mentioned it . . . . .no I hadn’t thought about it really. More like, I want my own TV show!!!

      • That’d be good too. You can use the commercial to advertise for Bayou Woman Adventures. You’re headed in the right direction. Have you spoken to Tar Baby or Goosie about start up?

  5. Great video. I had to watch it twice since hubby has TV going full blast on the football game. But, it was worth it. I really enjoyed it.

      • The audio is good, Do what I did just yesterday. Go to the local dollar store and buy a set of earbuds. Best $1 I’ve spent in a while. Heck, after I plugged them in, I remembered I had some old ones in a closet. Everyone probably has an old pair around their home somewhere.

        • I need to go to the hearing aide store and buy him a hearing aide!! I literally have to raise my voice loud enough to make people stare at me when we are out and I try to talk to him. Embarassing!!

    • i am wishing I was speckled trout fishing… too much going on to leave just yet though. Who Dats is rocking tonight….

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