Creole Queen Riverboat Wedding — 13 Comments

  1. Had I been on that invitation list, I would have missed the ceremony and the reception. I would have been out on deck taking in the scenery. City lights and the “smells”can be fascinating as well as hypnotizing for me. Hey, I get relaxed on the 19′ Kenner!
    Glad you got to visit with “the sisters”. Did they place orders on your not yet written next book?

  2. Steffi – I did spend some time outside, just not enough to be considered “rude”! I was so enjoying the people watching inside that I failed to take city-scape photos from outside. Shame on me!

    (any time you have an edit, just let me know and I can make it for you, but I can’t slow down the response time!)

    BB has been after me for two years to publish the sequel, but the timing is not right. Actually, she’s been after me to publish any of the other stories I’ve written!!!

  3. Groom looks like Mark Twain without the beard. I did a riverboat tour thing in St. Louis, night time on the big muddy. Most amazing magician I ever saw anywhere too.

    I should continue an old family tradition and get me one of those Eastern European brides. maybe not…..

  4. How cool was that. I have never been on a river boat and have always wanted to. Hubby and I keep sayin’ we’re gonna do it. Take one of those cruises. Your pictures look great.

  5. What a fantastic celebration! The Farmer and I spent our honeymoon in New Orleans and I cannot say enough good things about the city and the people. We’d walk in the dark to Cafe DuMonde for chicory coffee and beignets! We sat for hours in Preservation Hall listening to ancient musicians and ducked into tiny gumbo houses for hot, savory bowls of gumbo and red beans and rice. We’ve ridden the riverboats on the mightly Mississippi out of New Orleans and Hannibal, Missouri. Both were wonderful trips that allowed our imaginations to work overtime.

    Thanks for taking us along to the wedding! I can hear the music of the

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. What an adventure! And what a setting for a wedding!

    Okay, I hear the waves lapping…you NEED to begin working on that next book – why not expand the story with Termite? It was already told with such gusto and creativity, you only to tweak a bit here and there, and what a great way to continue introducing people to the Bayou world…

    I’m cheering you on — okay, and nagging a bit, too!

    Love you!

  7. And dear Vance, I have been “feeling” that nagging sensation for quite a while! I’m not sure what next “book” that might be! A short story about a boy coming of age maybe? Thanks for the cheering!

  8. Love, love, LOVE the Creole Queen. I’ve done the Creole, Natchez and Delta Queens and every trip is a favorite memory of mine. It’s a wonderful voyage on the Miss. River and seeing the city lights at night is awesome. Did the boat play the calliope? That’s a true New Orleans sound for sure. So happy for BB and The Italian. You look cute and happy too, fuzzy.

    You know I feel the same as Vance.

  9. Speaking of calliope, the Creole Queen drove by on New Years Eve while we were on the deck of Jax Brewery AND the calliope was playing!

    Also, in the last picture, you and BB look like sisters!

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