Decade Trout

We pulled into the lake about 7 a.m. looking for clean water and it looked pretty decent so we began to drift and cast. Termite commented that the boats looked like they were all on anchor, and there was not much wind action. We watched them for a minute and once in a while they would pick up a fish, but nothing fast and furious. The fishing atmosphere was just calm and serene, until . . . we drifted through!!!! The bite was on as fast as we could hook them. When the bite slowed, we circled back with the trolling motor and did the same thing again. After about one hour and 25 fish later, the bite turned off.

We moved around and picked up a stray fish here and there but never found a great concentration again. Mid morning, we headed in with a one-man limit and considered it a great morning to be fishing in Bayou Dularge, Louisiana.

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