Evening on the bayou . . .

Once again, Heather Here and I did not get to do all the things we wanted to do while she was down for a visit recently. And some of those things were going to have photos to go along with them just for YOU to see and enjoy. That means she’ll just have to come back when we can do nothing but fun things and NO WORK.

On her last evening here, I took her to a secluded spot to watch the sunset. We saw some interesting things along the way . . .

like this fire hydrant, at the very end of the road, where there was no more road, only water and marsh. There it stood, pouring water onto the ground, with no one around tending to it. We thought this was quite wasteful, and you?

and then there was the Leaning Tower of Dularge. It looks like just a touch of a feather would knock this building right over into the bayou. I just hope there is no one passing nearby in a boat when it finally falls.

And next there was Bayou Fabio’s stuffed garfish, which he taxidermied all by himself. Even though its head is starting to fall off, you’d think it was made of gold the way he displays it alongside the highway for all to see–marking the spot where he sells fresh garfish fillets.

And there we were; just two sisters at the end of a four-day work visit, still in our dirty work clothes, watching the sun set one last time before she had to leave.

We were just on the bayou bank, taking pictures of ourselves, giggling like silly school girls, when all of a sudden . . .

we got this creepy feeling that someone or something was watching us from behind the marsh grass.

something WAS watching us from behind the marsh grass . . .

and it was getting closer. Since I’m so brave and Heather is a chicken, I sent her with the camera to go take a closer look while I tried to distract the “something” away from her . . .

But it only came closer! And we could see its FIRY RED EYES, and it was SCARY!

But Heather was so brave, she just had to get one last photo . . .

before we made like hairs and SPLIT!!!!!

This is us, leaving that marsh monster behind.

We never did get to see the sunset.

But I promise you, next time we will have a pictorial post to beat all! Won’t we, Heather?


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  1. Just how close was that gator? I was wondering if y’all missed the sunset because y’all were changing your under clothes!

    LOL! Something like that! The sun was behind the clouds, but we were too busy watching Alphonse to make sure he wasn’t going to run up on the bank and have us for dinner!!! He was about ten feet from the bank. Heather’s first close encounter with a gator!

  2. Looking at just the portion of Alphonse’s snout that was above water indeed it was an 8 footer AT LEAST! Yikes!! Great pics there Cuz.

    HH took some of those pics!! Remember, she was brave! I wasn’t!

  3. I love being local tourists!! It looks like you guys had fun!

    Jen – I take people out on wetland eco-tours, so I get to be a tourist all the time! I never tire of the flora and fauna of this area! When you coming down to play tourist?

  4. It was scary! What with all the tall grass close by that any number of gators could have attacked us from! And then there was that big blob a distance away on the grass that looked like a gator. I kept my eyes on him the whole time! It didn’t help that I was wearing sandals which would have slowed me down considerably if we had to make a run for it!

    But brave BW made noises in the water with a stick to sound like an injured animal to attract the attention of that huge monster gator while I snapped its pic. I could just see another one lunging up out of the water and snatching her under kind of like those wildebeasts on the wildlife adventure shows. She’s so brave!

    Oh, the thrill!!

  5. H.H., sandals wouldn’t have slowed you down one bit. They would have been next the bayou, right where you ran out of them! I don’t even want to think what an 8′ gator could do. My son has scars on his arm where a 4′ gator got him .He worked at our friends gator farm while he was in college.

    I know, huh? Their teeth are razor sharp as newborns. Everybody needs a little adrenaline rush now and then! Let’s just say we had ours for the year!!!

  6. I remember seeing the gars growing up. I will visit often.

    Welcome back to the bayou, Londa. I tried visiting your blog from the URL you listed, but it says there’s an error? We watched some young gar swimming around Saturday while touring in the freshwater bayous north of my home.

  7. you are doing a wonderful work . God bless you Amen.

    Thanks for visiting! What an interesting comment. Do I know you?

  8. Yeah, Stephanie, those sandals wouldn’t have moved! Haha. And I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt the sharp rocks on my feet as I flew back to the truck.

    On a side note – only in south Louisiana can you see alligators as roadkill. Saw a two-footer on the side of the road on my way up the bayou from BW’s place.

    Sorry to hear about your son’s close encounter with that gator!

    HH – did you get a chance to nominate the project over at AE? Deloutre and the Miller are coming Saturday and we are planning a “Moonlight Visit to Alphonse”!