From the bayou to Batavia and back! — 15 Comments

  1. You’ve got MUCH more energy than I do. I would have at least taken the morning off (possibly the whole day) to recuperate. AND…to wash clothes. I’ll be back tonight to read about the trip.

    • I have to take your advice to recuperate because I have a terrible sore throat. The tour went well, but I didn’t feel well and all the talking made my throat worse. Post will have to wait until the morning, and I hope I’m better.

  2. Hey, hey… Let’s be careful about that Yankee talk. I know people who think anything north of Dallas or East of Shreveport is “Yankee”! 🙂

    Glad to see you’re home, BW. I looked at the college’s site and really enjoyed it – I’m looking forward to your report(s).

    • Good to be home. For some reason, even though it was midnight when I wrote this post, I could not get to sleep. I had no caffeine on the way home at all, and even had a beer before boarding the final plane. So, I am very very tired today. Being on the water today was fantastic, though! Very very warm day here. Your snow all gone?

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