Hurricane Gustav & Ike – The Insurance Companies — 16 Comments

  1. Insurance companies suck bayou mud. And I live 30 minutes away from Country Company’s (aka Farm Bureau) and State Farm.

    You geaux girl…..

    Cooking red beans and rice and cleaning house gets my domestic girly side
    out front.

    Lawyers? see insurance company quote above.

  2. Insurance companies only lookout for themselves. These claims have hit insurance companies hard and you better bet there are going to be ‘discrepencies’ not in the policy holders favor. They also are going to take any loophole they can find to not pay out what they should. Not all agents or agencys but there are.
    When it comes to money… YOU take care of YOU. To a company you are just a policy number not a living breathing hurting human.
    You’re on the right track… follow your gut instincts!

  3. Don’t even get me started! Once we get the last thing repaired , send in our receipts, and get our final payment from our carrier, we’re shopping around for a new insurance carrier. They may all operate the same way, but it will give Hubby satisfaction knowing this Co.will be losing these customers. The adjuster 1st assigned to us didn’t come when he said he would, and never bothered to call either. After repeated calls from us for 2 wks. we were assigned another adjuster. Wait 2 more wks for him …he doesn’t come when he said he would, but he did show up eventually. I’m not talking being late by minutes or hours either. I’m talking days later. Jeez…..I got started! Our Insurance experience is almost over, yours is just beginning. Good luck! NUFF SAID!

  4. I hear ya, loud and clear!!! Anybody else want to chime in? Don’t be shy!

    Steffi and Cynthia – we are doing a marsh grass planting Monday and using my boat if you’d like to come down.

    And anyone else who would like to come is more than welcome. I will be picking up a crew around 10 a.m. from the marina. Please email me if you are interested. My email address is

  5. After our shed fire the insurance company, American Family, charged us for being underinsured…. yes I am serious. They took a percentage off of what we would have gotten because they said that we were underinsured. YET , we called them regulary to update what machinery we had etc. and NO ONE mentioned that we may be underinsured….

  6. I suppose it’s the same theory used by the federal government for Social Security Disability claims. Mr. B was denied due to a wrong code which they applied to his claim. Even tho 4 doctors and hospitals testified he only has 25% of his heart. We had to hire an atty. and pay him $5000.00 to correct one number on the forms. Ever wonder why all the commercials for attys. specializing in denied SSD claims? The only folks making money are the attys. and insurance companies. And on OUR money!

    OK, I’m done.

  7. Tried to comment earlier but we haven’t had a very good signal. We’re in CA now along the Pacific coast. Looks like things are still happening for you. I’m very glad to hear you’re still making them happen! 🙂

  8. I’m still annoyed that the adjuster (?) originally said they couldn’t pay you “again” for the things that weren’t repaired in Camp Dularge from the last round of storms. I still think that’s a crock since you didn’t even own the house then! Shouldn’t they pay you for these things because you’re a new owner with a whole new premium that YOU have paid to them? Maybe I just don’t understand it because I’m so green around the gills where all things insurance are concerned… You just make sure you get what’s yours! Don’t take any crap! 🙂

  9. Oh boy. Just when it seems like you’ve got enough to deal with, here comes this mess. It just makes me furious–like paying for car insurance only to have them tell you they can’t cover all the costs of repairs because car is too old or has too many miles on it. What is the insurance for anyway?

    I hope the man you met is a good guy who will really help you, and not someone who will try to take more of your money. Seems like so often that’s the case.

  10. Well, the meeting with the insurance guy didn’t happen. It’s Veterans Day and they were closed. Thanks for the courtesy call, sir! And I missed out on a good fishing day, darn it.

    Thanks Vets!

  11. As I was reading through your blog’s entry, I was first impressed by the series of events that the Lord led you on to meet with the man who would be able to help you wade through the paperwork. It’s providential to say the least!

    And the second thing is that not all insurance agents – and companies – are evil, any more than any other profession is. I say this because my dad was an insurance agent with Traveler’s for years and then the CEO of the “Big I’s” of SC, and he personally felt he was in a ministry of mercy and helps. I can remember him coming home at night and having us as a family pray for individuals who were having troubles, and I can also remember his digging into our funds to help people who did not purchase enough insurance to provide the needed coverage…so, all that to say, while I certainly understand what you all have faced, I would encourage you to seek out the ethical and insurance agents/companies who provide service with integrity — they do exist.

    Just my two cents worth from a different perspective…

  12. Vance – And what a welcomed perspective it is! And very good advice about seeking out ethical agents and companies with integrity, but I’m not sure just how to go about that?

    Thanks so much for sharing your story about your dad. It is encouraging and heart warming, to say the least.

    I’m not sure, though, that when it comes time to pay huge claims in time of major disasters where so many have been stricken, that local agents (whom you had no reason to doubt or distrust) have any bearing on what the “parent” company decides the final payoff will be.

    Regardless, your father’s and family’s response was admirably generous and compassionate. What a dear man of God . . . . .

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