Let's watch the dolphin rescue . . .


Someone on the sailboat spied a dorsal fin, dangerously close to the shore. “Is that dolphin sick?” “It must be sick. It’s beached itself.” “Maybe he just got stranded by the falling tide.” On and on the speculations went by the guests onboard the “Happy Ours” sailing vessel.

And while we were speculating, the good captain was on his VHF radio, talking to the lady of the hour, Lt. J.G. Natalia Hoy, Commander of the USCGC Sturgeon. The baby boat, released by the Sturgeon, made haste to the shore, finding the best place to release the rescue team.

As you can see, they’re taking this rescue very seriously, rushing to the stranded mammal, shedding life vests as they went.

Their first approach was wisely tentative, as dolphins are quite powerful creatures.

And this one wasn’t sure it wanted to be helped . . .

As though it understood it were being helped and not attacked, it let the men guide it gently into the water.
As soon as it found its fins, it took off toward the deeper water . . .
And this was the last we saw of the rescued dolphin!coastguardguys7.jpg

These are the heros as they return to the cutter.babyboatreturns.jpg

I actually heard one guy on the baby boat yell, “Let’s try and make it on the first try this time!”

And so they did! Straight into the stern of the mother ship . That was a cool sight to see!
The cutter left the same way she came . . . slowly, elegantly, just like the rescued dolphin.

What a right place-right time adventure, for which I am very grateful. It is also my great pleasure to share this adventure with you, to reassure you that Serendipity is still alive and well, no matter Who you believe implements it. When something like this happens, I am reminded how small I am in the scheme of things, how powerless I am to control them, and how small the world really is, after all.

PS: The USCG has asked, via Capt Andy, if they may use the photos in a press release! That’s a Grey Poupon question for sure!

PSS:  This is not the first dolphin rescue that my boys and I have been part of.  In March about four years ago, we were instrumental in getting a baby dolphin rescued from a dead-end canal.  That is an amazing story that lasted four days!  And yes, I have photos!

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  1. You are so lucky to have seen that. I am amazed by animals of all kinds, land or sea. Thank you for sharing the photos.

    It’s my pleasure to share that adventure with you! Yes, all on board were quite fortunate to have seen such a thing. I’m going to pay you a visit now! Thanks for stopping and chatting!

  2. Amazing!!! Such a rare site to see and fortunate for the dolphin that your captain was a friend with a quick response!!! I use to hear of beluga whale rescues from the fast tide changes when I lived in Alaska, but I was never fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time. You and PW are so fortunate to be living among natures greatest blessings, and I grateful for your sharing your lives, stories, and photos! Are there more pics from your stay at Grande Isle???

    Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, there are more GI photos. And today I spent the WHOLE DAY in the marsh and I can’t wait to show you some of those beauties!!! Spring is busting out all over in the wetland, my dear Deb! BTW, still haven’t heard if you got the book? If not, I’m starting to worry. Priority is only 2-3 day delivery.

  3. Yes!!! We got in last night, snuggled up in my bed and read it twice! It was awesome, very well written, wonderfully educational, and my hat off to your illustrator! My son loved the inscription, he took it to school to show his teacher today.
    Thanks very much, we love it and appreciate you sharing it with us.

    That’s super, Deb! So glad you and Jboy enjoyed it!