Lest We Forget — 9 Comments

  1. Time passes and events fade to the recesses of our mind. Thank you for the photo and reminding me of what happened on this day 6 years ago. Loss of life should never be forgotten. I am glad that there is a physical reminder on the beach in memory of the men who lost their lives while working in the Gulf. I will watch for the movie.

    Your recipes remind me of happy memories of picking berries with Mother and then eating the delicious cobblers. She also used to can berries in their juice for eating with her biscuits. What a treat!

  2. With BP still in the news my thoughts often turn to the families of the eleven lives lost that day. Are all the dead turtles showing up on the beach another lasting effect?

    My berries are just now starting to come out. Hope I can beat the birds when they get ripe! And stop my neighbor from pulling up the plants.

  3. So much has changed in G.L. Since that day. We haven’t been down since last Summer, and at that time we noticed a few tar balls on the beach.
    I think about the families left behind when I hear Grand Isle. Sad and senseless tragedy that should never have happened.
    I spied some dewberry plants in the pasture last week when we were riding the property in the side by side, but there wasn’t a single berry on any of them. Not even a green one. Maybe it’s too early for them in that region. Btw, I told Hubby to keep the tractor away from them.

  4. I remember that day vividly because I couldn’t remember which oil company some of my family members and friends were working. Thankfully they were all safe. It’s so sad. So preventable.

  5. I don’t know if I ever shared this with you. A fellow I came to know during that time made a tribute video, using footage of the final capping of the well. It’s tremendously moving. You can find it here.

    I found some ripe dewberries in a pasture behind a fishing camp yesterday. I enjoyed every one.

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