LOWA 70th Annual Conference – Lake Verret Birds — 18 Comments

  1. What a wonderful post. I just saw my first osprey last week. They’re gone from here in the spring and summer — it’s pretty clear what they’ve been up to!

    The green herons have been thick in my neighborhood. I’ve never seen so many. They’re such chatterers, and apparently pretty territorial. Woe to the heron who lands on another heron’s mooring line!

    I’d not looked closely at a map, but I see that Lake Verret’s close by Pierre Part, where some traditional pirogue makers still ply their trade. What an interesting pair of destinations that could make.

    • Those green herons are most certainly noisy, but it’s odd that I’ve only ever seen one at a time up in my swamp, and I like to think it’s the same resident green heron each time. He’s illusive and very, very shy. The ones at Lake Verret were nothing like that. They were almost audacious!! Lake Verret is beautiful, and yes, it can be entered from Napoleonville side, Pierre Part up in the NW, and Stevensville on the sort of SW end of the Lake, although not directly on the lake. You’re right. Would make an interesting pair of destinations.

    • Hey Ashley! Haven’t heard from you in a while, so it’s great to see you here! Glad you like the pics! I’ll do my best to keep them coming!

  2. Very interesting chat with the osprey family! Lovely area and wonderful pictures. Sounds like y’all had a grand time on the water. As always, I will be back for the next installment.

    • Observing their behavior intrigues me. Of course birds communicate, and I was eavesdropping on this family feud between mother and children about not being lazy and getting their own breakfast. I love all the wading birds and their behaviors. I know, you can tell! It is a lovely area, Cuz.

  3. Your description of the Cypress trees with Spanish Moss hanging made me want to cry! I would fish with my father & grandfather in LA. I remember the beautiful Cypress trees laced with Spanish Moss! Truly a feeling of entering an outdoor cathedral! Thank you for your blog! Keeps me closer to the LA that I miss so much!!

    • Hi Susan, so great to have a comment from you. Unless you comment, I don’t have any way of knowing who is reading these posts! Of course, I get stats of numbers of visits, but I don’t know who I’m reaching! All that to say, again, I’m glad to touch the heart of someone like you who has fond memories of being in La. Cypress swamps inspire me like nothing else, and I can honestly say that if I have to leave my beloved Dularge because of hurricanes and high water, I’d love to relocate to this area. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Happy to keep you closer to home! BW

  4. The Lake Verret area is absolutely beautiful. I don’t ever remember seeing all the different species of birds. However, I wasn’t looking for them. When I go back I’ll be looking closer. I generally checked the cypress trees only to make sure there were no snakes to fall in the boat!
    Loved the photos.

      • We haven’t been in a very long time. After Hurricane Andrew the area was hit extremely hard with fish kills. It took years to make a comeback. For too many years, There was a 14″ size limit on bass. I can’t tell you how many 13″1/2″ fish we caught. Unlike Corey, we’re not catch and release people. We’re catch and eat. That’s when we started saltwater fishing. Now…we’re fishing the pond at our camp.

        • Well, at least you’re still fishing somewhere! And you know now they’ve lifted the size limit on basin bass. I could’ve kept those bass if I had had a place to clean them and keep them back at the hotel. Not too convenient, since I didn’t even think to bring my knife and an ice chest!

  5. Beautiful writing and picture as always. The one of the cypress is STUNNING. Your words create a movie in my mind and think how blessed you are to live in a place of such wonder. Love hearing of your adventures <3

    • You know what? I am blessed; however, the Mauvais Bois where you and I go is different from the Lake Verret Swamp. I guess there’s just so much more of it around that lake. I was amazed at the bird life around the lake, even though I’ve done tours by boat on that lake multiple times. I just never got to see so much. The yellow and blue flags (irises) are so pretty among those trees in March. I hope to go see them next year.

  6. Great photos and thanks for sharing the adventure with all o’ us.
    Interesting that the birds o’ prey are mentioned – a mate o’ ours who owns several acres o’ Grape vines has recently noticed a visitor in his field. A large Hawk watches as he runs the tractor (sadly, cutting out many dead vines), waiting to swoop down on any little, running morsels. If he stops the tractor, the Hawk flies off to a perch 2 rows away, once it starts again, the Hawk is perched only 1 row behind him!

    • Ah, yes, doing his job to rid the vineyard of rodents!!! Handy birds, those hawks! Again, I’m so intrigued by our bird behaviors!

  7. Beautifully written description of your day in a setting that brings peace to those fortunate enough to share it. My memories of life growing up on the Sabine River came rushing back as an echo to those memories you made on that trip.
    I am new to your site and found it by using your fig preserves recipe. Delving a bit deeper I have discovered a writer and naturalist with many talents. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading and will share the stories with my wife who is an Alaska girl. Thanks! And by the way the figs turned out great. I’m going to use them in a fig cake recipe handed down from the 1840’s.

    • Welcome to the bayou, Bob, and I have to say your comment made my evening! I’ve accomplished one of my goals if something you read here brings back good memories, which makes me quite fulfilled in writing this blog. Good news about the fig recipe!!! And you must come back (or contact me using one of the boxes) and share that 1840’s recipe with us and let us know how you liked it, of course. Say hi to wife for me, and tell her that fishing in Alaska is on my “Life List” (because I don’t have a Bucket List!!!) and maybe she can recommend a nice fishing community. BW

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