My Son: Spider Man?

Termite wanted to try his hand with the crowbar and see if he could remove this stubborn piece of plywood. Have you ever wondered why he’s called Termite? Termites are tenacious, but not only that, they are very destructive. But this piece of wood was not budging for the Termite.

“Get out of the way!!!” yells D.w. before he races across the concrete patio floor and leaps through the air

grabbing hold of the plywood while his feet are resting on what? The ladder?

No, the ladder is in plain view just to his left. Maybe it’s a chair? Or maybe a stool?

Or maybe, just maybe, D.w. really has been moonlighting as Spider Man. It’s a well known fact that he sleeps most of he day when he’s home from the boat. We always thought he was out enjoying the night life, and after seeing this through my own lens, I really have to wonder . . . . .

I was so amazed by what I was seeing that I failed to shoot the last frame, which was him landing with the board in his hand. I was standing, with my mouth hanging open at that point. Wouldn’t you?

Ok, back to work,


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  1. I’m glad that dark room in the corner is now open. He does look like he is kinda stuck to the wall…..LOL

    Kinda? Oh and yes, that room was creepy, wasn’t it?

  2. Spiderman? Nah……..Think Romance people. He was a pirate whose duties was climbing the rigging in another life. THAT’S why he’s sure footed and was drawn to his present job working on Boats.