Bayou sunrise and fifteen minutes of cobbler fame!

Did anyone watch a certain cooking show this morning, where “it’s a good thing” is said quite often?

There I was, painting in the quiet of The Cypress Cottage, when I decided to turn on the TV to drown out all my unfruitful thoughts. I don’t often have the opportunity to watch daytime TV, but I wanted some noise to distract me, and not having a radio on hand, the boob tube was it.

First, I listened to the women on the View cut each other off rudely. And I won’t even go into what the subject matter of this particular episode was.

And then came the “how to do everything show”. As I listened to the trailer on what was to come during the show, I could not believe my ears!

For this to make sense to you, I must note here that I have had over 1000 people in the past week looking for a blackberry cobbler recipe. Got that? On with the story.

The hostess of the show, who shall not be named here, was cutting in on my action! Can you believe it? I know good and well she had her staff of 100 researchers scanning the internet for the MOST POPULAR BLACKBERRY COBBLER RECIPE IN THE WORLD. And we all know that is right here on Bayou Woman Cooks, right? I mean, she didn’t even ask my permission, for pete’s sake. (Didn’t she learn ANYTHING?!)

I guess I should be thrilled that I am in such good company.

I fear, though, instead of ladies coming to my blog to get my “Self-crusting Blackberry Cobbler” recipe, her fancy-high-priced-sponsored website is going to grab all the search engines and snag all the wonderful readers who could have come here and seen my step-by-step pictorial.

So, I am crushed. My fifteen minutes of cobbler fame was so wonderful while it lasted.

If you, by some strange chance, stumbled upon this blog looking for a blackberry cobbler recipe, then God bless you for passing up the Rich and Famous and coming on down where the little people post their blogs for free and never spend a dime on search engine optimization.

Praise be to Google!!!!!!!

or should I say

Please Google, don’t let me down, now!

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  1. I can almost smell the Community Dark Roast (that anyone in their right mind should have sitting next to them ) as they watch the beauty of a new day beginning. Wonderful shot.

    That’s my Stephanie–straight to the point! But my Community is Between Roast!!

  2. Beautiful picture…I drink “Between Roast” too. I am a heavy creamer.

    Your new picture from your birthday outing is lovely.

    Hi Pug lady! Thanks for the pic comps!

  3. What a bee-u-tiful pic. … and SHAME! on She Who Will Not Be Named.
    Do your sons do charity work??hmmm? hint hint….

    Hi again Willow! Thanks! And from the estimate the roofer gave me today, they did not do enough. He wants $800 to remove the rest of the roof. I’ll have to beg them to see if they’ll come do one more day of charity work for dear, ole Mom! One of them has already gone back to work on the boat, though!

  4. Wow! I get lots of hits for my cobbler recipe, too. Yours sounds like the one my sister uses. I use my mother’s old English recipe, which has a sweet-biscuit-like top.

    The photo is stunning. What a place.

    Yep, tis the time for blackberries in northern parts of the country! I wish I could have done that sky justice. I’ve never seen anything like it. Three blue beams coming out of clouds and when I turned and faced the south, they turned to PINK! It was amazing!

  5. I be looking at local (sort of) made blackberry wine at Wally World. That count? I know that place I think.