New Year Red Fish! — 22 Comments

  1. It was fun reading about their fishing trip. Looked slightly cold but lots of fun. Glad y’all could go out despite the weather.

    • Blu! What a great catch. I don’t know much about fish, but those are good-looking fish! And good for you, getting out there to actually catch those babies. Hope all’s going well – I see from BW’s comment down the page a bit you’ve got some other things going on. Glad you got out and got after ’em!

    • Hi Cammy,
      Well, it’s not the final new look. This is just a quick transfer from one type of blog to the new type, and now the hard work begins of making it look like I want it to look. There will be a recipe menu AND a resources page where folks can buy anything and everything I use and recommend. So, let the work begin!

      • I’m so used to the “old” look, I scrolled up and down twice looking for the comments. It really took me by surprise. LOL ! I like the new “look”. Get busy, Madam. Wait, maybe I should say get busier.

  2. What a great trip! It’s amazing how hard it can be to pull something like this off, but good for you, for getting it done.

    The fish are gorgeous, but the smiles are even better!

    And congratulations for choosing colors and fonts that are readable. You were such an inspiration that I spent a couple of hours this afternoon getting my place cleaned up. I exchanged tags for categories, got rid of some links, and rearranged things. I hate to change themes, because the one I have now isn’t offered any more – once I change, there’s no going back. But when I see a good looking blog like this, I get tempted!

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