Our Rock Star really rocked! — 18 Comments

  1. Heartwarming photos! That pic of Dotter and Miah is so cute; the love and enjoyment of life and each other just blooms from their expressions.

    I’m with Kelly: Rock on down, Miah! You look too cool for school! 😉

  2. Wonderful photos. Looks like he had a blast! I love the wig on him too.

    I think I would have to enlarge the one of Miah and Dotter and have it framed if they were my children. It is a very compelling photo.

    Miah, I hear there are some good movies coming out. Enjoy that first prize win!

  3. Aww that’s too cute! Natalie is like that with my nephew Turtle as I’m sure you’ve noticed in the facebook pics, lol. I hope when they are Miah and Dotters’ ages they will still be as close. Good job Miah on winning that prize!!!

  4. I need a rug. Only 2 Tntr’s saw this year, I think. Old enough to drink possibly.

    Fish are biting day off to crappie wack.

    Wait you said ‘itchy’ I’ll keep bald not shaved.

    25 or less out there this am. Snow on way.

    Pretty sure your kids are cultural icons but keeping the secret safe here.

  5. It was cute, and super fun! I’ve heard from quite a few who love the blazing hair color, but I have no plans to go orange any time soon! I was so proud of Jeremiah’s hair… the front of it, anyway. I cut that style from a women’s bob wig with bangs, then we streaked it blue in the front. It was a blast to create, except when Miah forgot to close his mouth and got it full of synthetic hair! *lol*

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