Post 4th activities . . .

Our 4th of July ended up being very well spent — at least the second half of the day anyway. We drove to my niece’s where my nephew put on a big barbecue on her new Kenmore propane grill. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, three kinds of Winn-Dixie brand sausages (it was very good, too) and then my nephew grilled rib eyes. To go along with that, BigSis made her famous potato salad. And there was cowboy beans, garlic French bread, mac-n-cheese for picky younguns, and the other niece baked brownies. Yes, we stuffed ourselves!

Saturday I figured I better work in the cypress cottage and work off some of that beef I ate the night before! I even pushed the lawn mower in the heat of the day. Whew! What a big mistake. It took me about two hours to cool off afterward.

And then Sunday, I decided to just cast care to the wind and take the day off. I was invited to go fishing with four women, as their guest and not as a guide. And they really gave me the day off. I got to sit in the front fishing seat and I never had to get the net once–not once, ya hear? They did all their own netting and even netted my fish for me. It was lovely, but I felt guilty letting them fend for themselves!

Here’s a peek at our fishing trip . . .

This is one of the reds I caught, with my fishing hostess JG at the net. I didn’t even have to get out of my seat. Now, that is just plain lazy!

I had to get a quick pic of this golden beauty with 9 spots before JG let it go back into the amazingly clear water from which she caught it.

Even Miss Priss got in on the netting action! (You know I’m just joking, right F?) Miss Priss is in her eighties, and can hang with the youngest of this crowd! I love being around her!

And in the other boat were these two fantastic fisherwomen! Since I don’t really have nicknames for them I’ll call them LuLu (in the front of the boat) and Miss M. getting ready to get the net for LuLu.

We were catching reds on a falling tide, and at one point, JG and I each hooked a fish at the same time–mine was a rat red and hers was a bass. In case that doesn’t mean anything to you, I’ll explain. It’s pretty amazing to catch both saltwater and freshwater species in the same waters. Not always a good sign as far as “saltwater intrusion” goes, but interesting all the same.

We fished for several hours and called it a morning when the dark clouds hovered above us, lightning struck a few times, and a water spout started to cross the lake. That’s when you know it’s time to go home.

Ladies, if you see this – thanks for a great morning and a time of well-needed recreation! And you all know I might pick and tease, but I consider myself blessed to call you friends.


To be continued . . . . .

And after that, a post about RenRed and Heather Here’s three-day visit of fishing and working on the cypress cottage!

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  1. Great minds think alike! We too went fishing. Hubby got up yesterday morning and said, “If we can get a room, you want to go to Grand Isle?” DUMB QUESTION! I’m always up for fishing. We were loaded up and on the road in 45 minutes. Came home with a nice box of fish (Specks) which I’ll fillet in the morning. That photo of the “Red” was pretty. Too bad he couldn’t make it to the grill!

    That’s great, Steph! Glad y’all caught some. We had red fish with onions and papaya pan seared in lemon butter sauce, with a side of home-made guacamole. It was some good!

  2. I have a degree in zoology and studied mainly snakes at McNeese. Do you have any water snake tales? When we would go out hunting for specimens, they were always mean and would regurgitate to scare you off.

    A zoologist from McNeese? You been holding out on us, girl! Today, while fishing a canal, my brother-in-law and I were watching a “snake bird” diving down and coming up and then just beyond it something cut across the water toward the bank like greased lightning. At first, it was pushing a little wake, so I though baby alligator. It was a big snake of some kind, though. We were not close enough to see what kind, though.

  3. I LOVE to fish – creek trout – they hit the line like a tiger in a cage!!

    We have got to do more for the environment don’t we BW!!! I have to admit that fish is pretty – for a fish! LOL

    Hope you are well – your package goes out tommorrow!!

    Am doing well, thank you! Looking forward to package!