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  1. Great minds think alike! We too went fishing. Hubby got up yesterday morning and said, “If we can get a room, you want to go to Grand Isle?” DUMB QUESTION! I’m always up for fishing. We were loaded up and on the road in 45 minutes. Came home with a nice box of fish (Specks) which I’ll fillet in the morning. That photo of the “Red” was pretty. Too bad he couldn’t make it to the grill!

    That’s great, Steph! Glad y’all caught some. We had red fish with onions and papaya pan seared in lemon butter sauce, with a side of home-made guacamole. It was some good!

  2. I have a degree in zoology and studied mainly snakes at McNeese. Do you have any water snake tales? When we would go out hunting for specimens, they were always mean and would regurgitate to scare you off.

    A zoologist from McNeese? You been holding out on us, girl! Today, while fishing a canal, my brother-in-law and I were watching a “snake bird” diving down and coming up and then just beyond it something cut across the water toward the bank like greased lightning. At first, it was pushing a little wake, so I though baby alligator. It was a big snake of some kind, though. We were not close enough to see what kind, though.

  3. I LOVE to fish – creek trout – they hit the line like a tiger in a cage!!

    We have got to do more for the environment don’t we BW!!! I have to admit that fish is pretty – for a fish! LOL

    Hope you are well – your package goes out tommorrow!!

    Am doing well, thank you! Looking forward to package!

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