Post-Nate Update

When it’s been a while since you’ve seen a new post here, I always start with “I’m alive”, and this time is no different.  I’m alive, and finally almost 100% well after being laid up with some kind of URI and deep chest congestion and resulting cough. Man, that took a lot out of me, and I must be getting old, because it’s taking me some time to feel full strength.  Not there quite yet.

Meanwhile, we evacuated before Hurricane Nate, just to be on the safe side.  It was just an over-nighter at my oldest son’s house.  He, his lady friend, and I tag-team cooked a delicious dish of chicken breasts in mushroom cream sauce, with pasta and sauce and garlic bread.  Muzic Man, Dotter, and the new grand baby, Vivie, came over, and we had our own tame version of a “non-hurricane” party.  So thankful that the flooding in Mississippi was minimal, and no one was killed or injured, as far as I know.

The water in the bayou rose here, but the floodgate has been opened today and hopefully all the excess water will recede with the falling tide.

And, we escaped another hurricane, but before Irma, everything at my home and at Camp Dularge was picked up, tied down, and hurricane proofed, thanks to the help of my oldest son, David.  He was a great help to me at both places and in getting both my boats out of the water, onto trailers, and stowed away in his yard.  Right now, his yard looks like a used car, truck, and boat lot!

I think I’m going to leave things hurricane proofed until the official end of hurricane season, 2017.  However, I must figure out how to get my boats back down here so I can continue to do tours and to start chasing the fall trout in Lake Decade.

I’m currently writing three articles under deadline about the Mississippi River Reintroduction into the Maurepas Swamp project.  This assignment has been thwarted at almost every turn. First with the rains of Harvey and the scare of Irma, combined with illness, it seems like my “muse” has taken a permanent vacation.  So, please, everyone who has creative energies to spare, please send them my way so that I can churn out these final pieces by the 15th.

The bright news is, the first bald eagle of the fall arrived on October 1st!

Hope all of you are faring well and that you’ve recovered from flooding in TX and elsewhere, and that you are all hanging in there and rising above.

To better days and fall weather,


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  1. Oh my. That stuff is going around it seems. Hubby was living on antibiotics, dayquil and nyquil for a couple of weeks and still has a lingering cough. And I spent 7 hours in the ER Friday night trying to get a decent breath and not pass out again. I have fluid on my left lung. I wonder what we have been breathing with all the storms blowing everything in? The doctors office said they were packed with people unable to breath due to chest congestion and allergies since the storms started.

    I hope you are completely over the stuff asap! It does sap your strength and leaves the mind a bit foggy. You are so busy and the weather isn’t doing you any favors it seems. Thank heavens for the boys helping you. I am sending you wishes for some stamina. Take care of yourself.

    1. Cam, I’m sorry y’all have been ill, too. My new grandbaby was sick for weeks, along with the cough, and the pediatrician said it was caused by things stirred up by Harvey and Irma, which I believe. Lots of sick folks around here, too. Hope y’all are over it completely soon, as well. I do need my strength back for all the things life is throwing my way, so I really appreciate your wishes for stamina! I’m taking care the best I can for now. Y’all take care, too.

  2. Get totally well soon, my friend. And here’s lots and lots of energy to finish up your articles. get some trout for me!!!

    You’re loved.


    1. If that’s what this is, then I never knew allergies could make a person have fever and feel so dog-gone sick! I think all the crud is finally gone, though!

  3. be well soon wendy. I’ve been in hospital and sick all summer up here!! Fall will be better.

    1. Pam, I’m sorry you were sick all summer. What a bummer. I hope that you are feeling better now that fall is here. Take care!

  4. I saw the report on the news of the explosion of the oil platform. I have been trying to keep up with it and was praying all would be okay. Any updates?

    1. Cammy, I don’t watch much TV news, so all I’ve heard is on the radio. I think four men were killed and they had yet to find the body of a man from Katy TX. This was in Lake Pontchartrain, and not a very big rig at all. That’s all I know.