PROW Project Day 7 — 9 Comments

  1. Beautiful and so peaceful looking. I know you enjoyed the mother/son day. It’s been so long since I’ve had a day with one of my children. Their lives and ours are so busy and full that it takes mega planning to get together.

    And this weekend is our crawfish boil finally! Between jobs, illnesses, surgeries, etc. it’s taken some time to get it together. So far, the weather seems to be in our favor.

    • I know about “busy” with the children! That’s what made it extra special! I know you get it! Happy Easter!

    • Ha ha! Funny, right? I’d like to think he takes after me, but he is so much better than I! It is beyond great to hear from you, Deb!!!! Happy Easter!

  2. There was a time I super interested in Crocodile and Snakes… finding those predators are super excited and watching them in their habitat is awesome, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Interesting and entertaining. The term Heebie Jeebies is common. Being from New Roads (False River and Mardi Gras town) and my mother was indeed from Monroe, I heard more than once growing up. A more common term found around New Roads is “Ho Wang” a term that sort of means “Get a load of that.” Beware of alligators, they have a brain about the size of those bird eggs and thinks only of one thing – eating. And be careful of the Moccasins, they like to climb out on branches and drop into your boat. My blog is False River . . .

    • Hi William and thanks so much for visiting and leaving such an entertaining comment. “Ho wang” is definitely a new one on me! Oh, I have a deep respect for alligators and a great fear of moccasins, but I’ve been guiding on the water for a lot of years and know how things need to be handled!!! I’ll visit your blog when I have some down time. Thanks again and come back anytime. Hopefully, I’ll have a new post soon. BW

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