Reflections & Intersections, Directions & Connections — 26 Comments

  1. Just got home from a wonderful weekend and wanted Capt. Wendy to know we had a fantastic time fishing, catching 3 limits of specks and some reds. Capt. Wendy put us on the fish and it was like every cast we were getting a bite. Will be telling all my friends about our great stay at Camp Dularge. Will be going back!!!

    • Mike, thanks for believing in me, for making my business cards, for talking me up to all the fishermen and women in the opposite end of the state. You and Felix, I mean Jim, are welcome back any time.

  2. Some of my best friends from my high school days are from Shreveport area, we all went to a big church camp in Southern OKlahoma every year and became really close.

    Oh-unrelated note- I made some Community Coffee iced tea yesterday and I swear I heard angels singing!!!!

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