Spring on the Bayou and a CONTEST!

Happy Spring everyone!  It seems down the bayou that we jump straight from winter into glorious spring almost overnight.  Last week, while walking my front yard, I noticed all these little insignificant wildflowers that are only seen once–before the grass starts getting cut weekly. After that, they don’t get big enough to bloom.

I thought you might like to see them, and maybe you could name them for me.  I have a wonderful book on Louisiana wildflowers, but it’s boxed up and I can’t find it.  Besides, I love drawing on your knowledge and for all your yard work, a prize.

If you can name at least one of these correctly, your name will go into a random drawing for an 8×10 photo of any of the flowers on the blog, suitable for framing to hang on the back of the bathroom door or to put in the old “regifting closet” for those really close relatives and friends you don’t really care for!!

Have a look!

Field of yellowWe have a special name for these.  What do you call them?

peepee1)  Here’s a closeup of the same flower.

Rabbit foot2)  Okay, this is not a flower, but it’s so pretty I had to include it.  What is it?

snowdrop3)  Okay again, this one isn’t wild, but it was a straggler hiding under the edge of a piece of wood, so I had to photograph it.  I do know the name of this one, do you?

Name it 14)  This is a tricky one!

Name it 25) And do you know this one?

Name it 36) What about these little lovelies?

Name it 47)  And these?

Name it 58)  I think I know these without looking.  Do you?

Name it 69)  And lastly, these are the flowers that set this whole thing in motion.  I looked out my kitchen window, and there they were, on the roadside where they have NEVER sprung up before.  Nor have they ever bloomed on this property in 13 years.  They close at night, if that helps.

Name it 9I can’t wait to see what you come up with on these wildflowers.  I know weekends are busy, so maybe Monday we’ll do the drawing.  I’m looking for at least 25 participants!

Going to spend time with LilSis!


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  1. Wow, I’ve lived away from Louisiana too long! #4 looks something like what we call wild strawberry and I think #7 is purple vetch. Will love to see what they REALLY turn out to be!

  2. My pointer tells me what they are so guess I am disqualified on that account.

    Stupid pc mess up at state level has me boorayed in Illinois till Monday.
    Not even DCCDC’s helping my depression.

  3. Not a clue on the names of the flowers. I think I’ve seen them all at one time or another, but they get a shot of Round-up or get mowed down here. If they would just come up in a bed they might stand a chance of survival. If I’m not mistaken, #6 has stems that stick to your clothing like Velcro.

  4. Okay, I’ve been checking and re-checking this post to learn what the true name of #1 is! I have gone my entire life calling them “pee-pee flowers” for reasons unbeknownst to me but that made sense to my 5 year old brain… Who taught me to call them that, anyway? And why? 😉

    1. This post/contest has not garnished the response I was hoping for. I am debating whether or not to hold onto this for a while. There are only a couple of entrants. Anyone else want to give this a shot before I have to dig my book out and find the answers?

    1. Well, Dotter, do tell everyone here what the real name is. That’s part of the contest, silly!!! You called them pee pee flowers because the bayou people call them “piss au lit” which means “pee the bed”. All your daddy ever said was if you touch them you wet the bed. So, it became a childhood folk tale, sort of!

  5. It was? I’m sorry! You said we had a special name for them and asked what others called them, but I didn’t know that was part of the contest. (And now I don’t see that sentence anyway.) Like Blufloyd said though, the cursor says “peepee” when you hover on the closeup, so I didn’t figure I was giving anything away! 🙁

    1. Okay, Dotter. Let’s see if I can clear this up. Go ahead and give us the REAL NAME since I don’t know it. But the bottom few photos, where the cursor says something like Name it 1, Name it 2–those are the contest flowers!!!!

    1. Joan,
      I hope to find the time this week to find my book and correctly name all of these for us since they have not yet all been named. Then we will do the drawing and I hope you win for your diligence!!!! THanks for coming back!