Spying the Reds — 15 Comments

  1. Capt. Steve is a great guy and really good charter Capt. I always enjoy hanging out with him at Redfish tournaments.

    • Hi Chris and welcome to the blog. I’m glad you can concur and confirm my impressions and opinions! I hope to drum up more charters for him so folks can enjoy this experience! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Now I am hungry for fish.I haven’t fished in about 30 years. Mom was the fisher woman. My brother used to drop her off at the creek outside of town on his way to work in the mornings and pick her up on his way home in the evenings. She loved three activities, gardening, fishing & hunting. She would have thrived having the bayou near her.
    Glad you got to get back out for a bit. Some beautiful fish there.

    • Cammy, I remember your fish stories of my adventurous mother well, God bless her!!!! What a woman! Thanks for reading and for being a dedicated follower of the blog! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Incredible adventure. Captain Wendy and Captain Steve surpassed any concept I had of a fishing charter!
    I am ready to go again! Thank you Steve Fleming for your
    gracious hospitality and fishing

    • Hi Debbie and thanks for chiming in! Capt. Steve was my choice for a fishing charter for my upcoming Bayou Woman Adventures which got put on hold due to the lock down. Things are opening up again here, so I might get those planned and advertised once more. This trip proved to me that he is my choice for my BWA Fishing Adventures!!! Love you!

  4. Impressive rig! I’m happy the trip resulted in some Reds in the box. How many did they catch?
    FYI …When you wrote about the spinner bait, I immediately thought of my dad. He had 3 favorites. White, chartreuse, and white and chartreuse combo. He held to belief that if you couldn’t catch something on a spinner, it couldn’t be caught! Daddy fished mostly for bass but Reds love the same baits. When he passed last year, I made sure he’d be able to fish again with his favorite baits.

    • I think we ended up with 8 nice reds, the smallest being 20 inches! None over 26. Yep, I love it when I’m fishing brackish water where both bass and reds hang out and guess what’s on the line before it breaks the water! Fun fun fun! Fish on with your dad’s spinners and he’ll be smiling from above!!!

  5. I’ve heard the guys here talking about sight fishing, but didn’t really have a clear understanding of what it involves. This was a great intro, and it was fun to see the photos of your day on the water.

    • Hi Linda. I think it’s odd you hadn’t seen it yet; well maybe not if you haven’t been to the “shallows” lately. It’s funny, too, because it’s a “Texas” thing. When I posted a video from the tower on Facebook, a friend of mine who has had a family camp down here for years commented asking if that was my new boat and had I gone over to the Texas way of fishing! I’m happy to educate you about it, though! And it was fun and interesting for me, as well!

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