The eagles have landed!

As evidenced by Diane’s blog photos and mine below.

Did you know that American bald eagles fly south to inhabit their six-foot wide nests in the fall of the year?  They spruce up their nests, typically the ones they used the year before, breed, lay their eggs, hatch them, teach them to fly and then leave around May the following year?  Yep.  They do.

This week they arrived at their nesting grounds in Terrebonne Parish.

fall.eagle.1Look closely in the cypress tree!  Up there!  Do you see it?

fall.eagle.2Here, use these binoculars for a better look.  The feathers look ruffled, don’t they?

fall.eagle.pair1Hey is that a pair?  I think so, but the sites are a little blurry.   It IS a pair!

fall.eagle.flyingWAIT!  Please don’t go!  We just want a closer look!

fall.eagle.byeWhat is this eagle looking at so intently?

Do you really want to know?

swamp.monsterIt’s a swamp monster!  Hurry!  Run!  Oh no, don’t run!  Paddle!!!  Paddle fast!

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of Bayou Woman and the swamp things and a chance to win cool, neato things from Community Coffee, assuming you have all forgiven me for the previous contest, that is.


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  1. Ok, here goes.
    1. 1 Bald Eagle
    2. 1Bald Eagle with ruffled feathers
    3. 2 Bald Eagles
    4. 1Bald Eagle in flight
    5. 1 Bald Eagle (watching intently)

    I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Noticed the hawk migration in full swing Friday while headed toward Rockford, Il. Hoping the eagles return to lakes here this fall. Saw my share of ubiquitous gold finches in the purple coneflowers too.

    Looks like no swamp monster but a deelicksheeeus nutria. Fire the grill up and rub up some Tony’s Herb.

    Just was thinking about time I almost had an eagle stuck in my radiator cause crows were harassing it.

  3. Sorry wasn’t paying attention that day at Gator Bayou with Jamie.
    Nutria must be the ones with fur that come up and smell your knee.
    That must be the ones that smell like dead fish.

    1. Nutria is the one with fur that was eating a lollipop at Alligator Bayou. Opposum was the one that just sat there looking dumb. Baby opossum was the one sleeping in a sock. Got that clear now?

  4. Eagles, you mighty Eagles, stand up and fight you mighty eagles. We’ll stand beside you, we’ll stand behind you, lets have a victory tonight! ……oh sorry, went into fight song mode. It’s football season and our mascot is the Eagles!

  5. After you heard me sing it, you would wish you hadn’t! The only way I can sing it is very loud and very off key!