Well, it's later tonight . . . — 4 Comments

  1. Sam and I took a run down the road to squeak out a cell signal. Looks like you have a ton of things going on! I can’t wait to hear how things went at Cabelas. I probably won’t hear about it for a week but I’m sure it was something fantastic.

  2. You will be the only one aware of your nerves. Everyone else will love your energy, passion, knowledge and charm just as well all do. Looking forward to reading all about it.
    Deb in TX

  3. Hey, is everything ok there???? Havent seen you post in a couple days…hope all is well, HA’s gone, tours running on schedule, your tv spot and your Cabela’s presentation were a huge hit…..Termite warm, safe and dry…
    Hopefully you are catching up on some well earned rest and that magic wand I waved landed a new fridge and water hearter in your house…lol. Hey, I can dream!

    Hi Deb. I should be posting some time today — after dealing with real life. I was out of town all weekend and will report on that, but that is why you haven’t heard from me. I don’t like to tell the WWW when my house will be empty!!!!! Getting “looted” has a way of making one overly cautious!

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