Can you believe we get excited about this? — 6 Comments

  1. Ha! It is all the way up to -5 here this morning, headed for a whopping 10 degrees. 🙂 Seriously, I can’t imagine living with no winter, but then southerners can’t imagine it being -5, so that makes us even. Gorgeous pics!

    Fair enough!

  2. LOL – I guess I didn’t wake up early enough to see the ice. “Ya gotta wake up pretty early in the morning….” HEHEHEHEHEE Cool pics, though! Pardon the pun.

    Hey – that’s why I took the pics!!!

  3. I still get excited seeing snow (ha) sleet (more like it) and ice down here in the south…makes it actually LOOK like winter…even though I have lived in Alaska, it still gets me…thanks for the pics and narrative.
    Welcome to the family Jazz…Im positive your gonna love your new home…and BTW, sooo sorry to hear about chaoui….we all knew it was coming..but its a kick in the guts anyway…thanks so very much for sharing her/him with us…Me and my little guy loved watching and reading about your coon. Am looking forward to pics of Jazz and your beautiful South Louisiana Paradise…. : )
    Debbi in TX

    Thanks for following the Adventures of Chaoui to the end. Yes, I still miss “her”! I’m hoping Jazz and Baby will offer photo ops soon! Oh, and you reminded me that I promised a contest at the end of the Adventures. So, I’ll do that now.

  4. That is stunning! I love how the frost and ice look on the plants. Great photos! I really like your writing style too.

    Thanks, Jessie! Come back any time!

  5. You are such a talented photographer. Love the pictures. And thanks for mentioning Suzanne (and her making a post here). I went to her site and really enjoyed her writing and pics. Just wish I could see more of her 100 year old house she lives in.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the pics, K!

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