Wetland Watchers — 7 Comments

  1. That reminds me of when the kids (daughters) were much younger. They went to a private school in Cocoa, Florida.

    One weekend my husband had a “discussion” with a 5 ft. rat snake, and ended up buiiding a cage for it.

    And then asking the headmistress if it could be brought to school.

    Of course.

    The class teacher was NOT enthusiastic about snakes of any kind, and stayed as far away from it as she could.

    And the the headmistress walked in, went right to the snake, and picked it up, etc.

    You never saw such a dirty look as the teacher gave the principal.

    • No, he was too busy talking to the million and one people who wanted to ask him about and congratulate him on the success of the program! He did get a copy of my book, though.

  2. That looks like a program Coach would love to get into in his junior high science classes. Not sure wetland animals would go over well here though. But it is inspiring and maybe he could do something with Oklahoma wildlife. It’s always a great thing to see a teacher do more than just teach off a page in a book.

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