Point of Vue Takes a Wetland Tour — 11 Comments

  1. Just incredible shots! I had chills just looking at them. Was that last one hissing at y’all? Great work! And you look so happy and content. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pretty good shots, T_man. Those yankees I work with see this they will be back thinking you got to stop on 90 and 1 to drag gators off the road all the time. I can’t wait for my Vue to head down.

  3. Those shots stand up to BW & PW!!!! I see a natural career choice shaping up there. With his talent in writing about Louisiana wildlife, his obvious photography skills, and the rich education hes getting from growing up on the bayou and from your endless wealth of knowledge, the step to wildlife writer/photographer will be a short one!!! Will be looking for his name in print…….errrr but it prolly wont be penned under Termite..??..?.?…..? LOL
    Those are REALLY REALLY impressive shots Termite.

  4. Okay little Termite-brother, listen to these people… I’m thinking photojournalism career. Seriously. If you can ever be as fortunate as I am to have a job that involves doing something you love and not just something you tolerate, go for it! Think about it. (Mommer, make him think about it!)

  5. Super photography Termite! Your photos are fantastic! I agree that you ought to consider a career having to do with photography.

  6. Ok, Dotter, that’s you Rach, all he can think about right now is duck hunting, duck blinds, duck calls, and duck dogs. He is about to drive me CRAZY, and that is no lie!

    Anyway, I’ll be sure and call him in here so he can read your comments. He won an award for a photo several years ago (I’ll post it here another day when i have my external with me) and he got a second-place certificate. That was not enough for him. He wanted CASH with that 15 seconds of fame!

    I will encourage him, and thank all of you for encouraging him, too!


  7. Wonderful pictures. Perhaps he could write a little piece with photos and submit it to POV? Let’s see…that would be English, keyboarding skills, fine arts, reading comprehension to figure out how to submit it….

    Those pics remind me of the time you took Gypsy, Fiddler, and me out. I believe the counted 50 gators on that tour. And I remember the ones that would swim (menacingly it seemed to me) toward the boat as we approached. We surmised that perhaps someone had been feeding them?

    Is that first pic of Liner Canal?

  8. Heather – Well, what subject covers “self assurance” and “self confidence”? Because he asked Editor Martin if he could write for POV. Honestly! He asked me him he would be interested in a “Youth Hunting Corner”!!! Can you believe that? And the editor told him sure!!! He said writing is the one job he knows of in which there are no limitations.

    Yes that is Liner Canal!!! I’m so proud of you!! And yes that tour we took was a “50-gator day”, but it was a much bigger loop. Believe it or not, these photos were all taken right near the dam at the Mauvais Bois!! And none of them seemed disturbed by our presence. It seemed like they were enjoying one last day of sunshine before they have to hibernate.

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