Zydeco dancing Part 2

Man, that dance floor was hopping to the resonating beat of Cody Ledet and his Zydeco band. Even though it was chilly outside, after about an hour of dancing, the huge sliding doors were opened to cool the dancers off.


Here’s Corey’s cousin, Greg Portier, playing the scrub board . . .


while he played the accordion . . .


these accordions are made locally by skilled musician/craftsmen, and they are as beautiful to see as to hear . . .


The energy in this place was absolutely buzzing. Can you imagine folks of all ages in one place having a fantastic time? It really is a great atmosphere because people come together to dance—not to drink and get rowdy.


This boy was mesmerized by the musicians. Maybe he’s dreaming of playing the accordion himself one day? Let me show you what I learned about Zydeco dancing this weekend. It is a bridge . . . linking many things . . .


like little girls in their cute little dancing boots . . .


grandparents with beads of sweat and sheer joy on their faces . . .


two generations dancing as one . . .


different races with no differences . . .


and even old hippies (see his pony tail?!)

Do you know any other activity that reaches across all these barriers and brings people together in such equality and exuberance?

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  1. Okay, now I’ve GOT to go! I love the family-friendly atmosphere, too.

    And inter-generationality is such an important part of our learning process, and yet we move farther and farther away from it in our society. I’m so glad to see it preserved down there in the Bayou

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