25 what? And where? — 15 Comments

  1. I been noticing the back and left knee hurting much of the time.
    I think I been to that Sleepy Reef spot a couple times.

    Yea the wind is either your friend or your foe. I still think these trout act like crappie so ‘wind in your face’ if on shore so in a boat you’d be casting to the shore with the breeze.

    Nice shirt not sure about the glasses, C.

  2. Oops its November did you try silver minnow panfish assassins under a Mr Crappie popping cork 1/16th oz jighead?
    Didn’t think so. Got mudminnows? beerbottle brown color?
    Didn’t think so.

    How’s 20th look for lessons?

  3. No wonder I couldn’t find Sleepy Reef when I Googled it the other day! I’d be VERY happy to bring home 25 Specks like that one. I would have kept that Sheephead too! I’d have boiled that booger in some crab boil and then used it in a sauce over some fried specks!
    When you went out alone to fish the grass beds, was that Lake Decade?
    BTW, I too have found that aches and pains are more noticeable when the fish aren’t biting.

  4. Shoot, I know where Decade is! But that funny whistling sound is the rest of the discussion going over my head.

    Well, except for that shirt from Lake of the Woods. That was my dad’s favorite vacation spot, with Leech Lake second. Minnesota lakes are the best!

    • I guess this means you’re not into fishing jargon, Linda? LOL! It’s okay. I’ll do all that for you when we go fishing! I guess Choup went to Lake of the Woods, and I didn’t even get the T-shirt! Oh well . . . good to hear from you.

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