A few of my favorite things . . .

When I was a little girl, growing up in the time when music was music and musicals were “in”, BigSis had the album (notice I didn’t say “sound track”) of The Sound of Music. I’m not sure how she acquired it, as that would have been a luxury back then, but I LOVED it. She gave me my first stereo when she married, and I would spend hours singing my little heart out with Julie Andrews.

As those lyrics of long ago flitted across my memory like a delicate butterfly ” . . . brown paper packages tied up with string . . . these are a few of my favorite things. When the dog bites. When the bee stings. When I’m feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad . . .” I did what I do every morning . . .

I looked out the kitchen window and watched the water in the bayou race southward toward the Gulf, the fisherman in me making a mental note: The tide is falling. Followed by a fisherman question: I wonder if the fish are biting with this cold front?

But the answer can’t matter today. My feet are on solid ground for the next couple days while I try to make a holiday as special for my kids as Daddy always made it for us.

With my thoughts turning to a last minute grocery-shopping list, I pause as my brain takes a visual panoramic snapshot across my kitchen of the expressions of love to be found there–a basket filled with goodies Momma used to make this time of year, made this year by BigSis–Scotties, no-bake-chocolate-oatmeal cookies that never had a real name that we know of, BigSis’s famous Heavenly Hash cake, satsumas she and her grandsons picked from a friend’s tree, pecans from her local farmer’s market, all packed into a basket I can fill and return to her next year. See how lovely?


Thank you, BigSis, for not putting this in the “steal game” yesterday and for giving it to me. I love it!

And here are a couple of my favorite things . . .


I’m a sucker for these two punks! (Heather can tell you I’ve been calling my punks, Punks for YEARS!!!!!)

It has taken me all morning to finish this post, as I have adult-onset A.D.D. And NO I will not tell you all the other things that I’ve done while trying to finish this post!!!

So, happy holiday preparations to you! I’ll be busy as a bee in the springtime for the next two days.


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  1. Well, since you got a basket from BigSis, and I’m getting a tin from you, looks like I need to whip up something for her. So, BigSis, if you’re reading this, expect something before the New Year!

  2. How great!!!!!!! Another new tradition for Christmas this year. We started what I hope will be an annual gift exchange and eating fest with bayouwoman and family. And we are changing our usual Christmas Eve gift opening
    (this was for all but Santa presents) . With the 2 grandkids having to be shared with the other grandparents and parent, it was getting to be quite a hassle. Right now the plan is that after the kids have had Santa and played a while, we will go to Jen’s and open gifts from her, then to Ashley’s to open gifts from her, and then back here to open gifts from Jared and me. We will see how it works out.

    Traditions are important! We had a great time Saturday, though I feel like my clan sort of took over the whole party!! We have a tendency to do that, ya know!!! I hope your “progressive” Christmas works out well for all!