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  1. Well, since you got a basket from BigSis, and I’m getting a tin from you, looks like I need to whip up something for her. So, BigSis, if you’re reading this, expect something before the New Year!

  2. How great!!!!!!! Another new tradition for Christmas this year. We started what I hope will be an annual gift exchange and eating fest with bayouwoman and family. And we are changing our usual Christmas Eve gift opening
    (this was for all but Santa presents) . With the 2 grandkids having to be shared with the other grandparents and parent, it was getting to be quite a hassle. Right now the plan is that after the kids have had Santa and played a while, we will go to Jen’s and open gifts from her, then to Ashley’s to open gifts from her, and then back here to open gifts from Jared and me. We will see how it works out.

    Traditions are important! We had a great time Saturday, though I feel like my clan sort of took over the whole party!! We have a tendency to do that, ya know!!! I hope your “progressive” Christmas works out well for all!

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