Alaska Day 3 Glacier Cruise – Part 1 — 8 Comments

  1. Small world isn’t it? You travel thousands of miles to meet someone from home. I’ll have to ask my children if they know of him. Two of my children live in the St.Amant school district. I haven’t checked out your photos yet. I’ll come back and look when my time is more plentiful.

  2. That is a beautiful place! Love the photos and will be looking forward to the next post. I hope your back is much better.

    • Whittier is such a unique, quaint little place but odd in so many small ways! This post really didn’t do it justice, but that harbor and the background scenery was enough for me!! Worth the trip!! My back was better the very NEXT day, and it’s a good thing because there was yet another fishing trip!! I’ll write about that one, too. I’m just sorry it is taking me so long to write.

  3. I remember Whittier well! We took a ferry over to Cordova from there. Cordova ended up being our most favorite place in Alaska. The boat ride had some beautiful scenery. I’m looking forward to reading Part 2!

    • I didn’t even realize there was a ferry from there to Cordova, and I know nothing about Cordova. So much to learn, so much to see, so little time!!!!!

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