Anatomy of an Evacuation – The Lake House — 4 Comments

  1. Your plant photos are of American Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana), a native shrub. I’m so glad your place didn’t flood! I read your blog to get my Louisiana fix and said a prayer for y’all before the storm. I get emotional just looking at the photos you took driving through Grosse Tete and those other country places! The Baton Rouge area got hammered pretty hard, too – my family there hasn’t been doing so well. They keep saying it’s worse than Betsy. Hopefully, the electric won’t take 8 WEEKS to restore and things will get back to normal soon for most everybody down in South LA. I do hope your bananas are still on the plant!

    I love meeting new readers, especially the plant-smart ones!!! Thanks for the information–is it edible? I have friends in the BR area, and they are having a hard time of it. I feel guilty up here in the AC at my sister’s house. You know, when I had that thought about the bananas, it seemed such a trivial thought when I stood lose everything! And now I’m so relieved and thankful, the bananas would be a huge slice of lagniappe!

  2. Yep, they are American Beautyberry. When I was a kid growing up in Alexandria, we called them Indian Berries. Don’t think they are edible for humans, but the birds love them. Mama would get so angry at the birds, though — after gorging themselves on those purple berries they would sit on or fly over the clothesline and poop purple all over Mama’s clean sheets.

    Take care and hope you are home soon.

  3. Raccoons and Deer are supposed to like Beautyberry, which also comes in a variety with white berries. I tried to plant one that came from the Georgia Native plant society. It never got berries. I kill more plants….

    I now dub you Emilie the Plant Killer!!!

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