Ever heard of a Ducathlon?

Probably not, because the Ducathlon is a very local event begun several years ago by sport fishermen from all over the state who come down here to fish. The binding tie is a fishing forum. The Ducathlon is a very low key, fishing tournament, where the prize for the biggest red fish and speckled trout is bragging rights and a shirt. The person who wins overall, wins a basket full of topwater baits that were donated by each participant. There is also now a women’s category. Three women competed this year, as opposed to two last year. I can’t participate, because I am a “fishing guide”.

Deloutre Switch and The Miller came that weekend knowing my presence had been requested at the weigh-in and the following festivities. Even though they didn’t know anyone, they were gracious enough to just hang out with me on my boat. I think they ended up having a great time watching all these folks from South Louisiana and bayou country show them a good time.

It all started with an early morning boat ride . . .

to Mud Lake, Lake Mechant, and Sister Lake. They saw pelicans, gulls, and dolphins, and lots and lots of saltwater marsh grass and ponds. The Miller noted that the further south we went, the shorter the marsh grass became. Interesting observation.

Late morning, we docked up to the site of the weigh-in, a camp seven miles from the landing and accessible only by boat. The camp has been in the same family for many, many years and the current owners are the grandsons, carrying on the family tradition and making new memories at the camp.

They were mighty brave to let about 75 people invade their little piece of paradise!

There were so many boats that some had to spread out to the neighbors, while others parked across the bayou and were ferried back. That’s my pontoon boat, which added extra “ground space” for people to sit and hang out on.

There were announcements by our host, Ike; and then stupid little speeches by yours truly! I was saying, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times . . . .” I was referring to the Trash Bash held back in March.

There was a way cool opening band called Sun Rifle that warmed things up. I hear tell the lead singer is an attorney. You rock, dude! Check out the masked drummer.

There was boiled crawfish, and the accompanying corn and mushrooms!

And the headliner band, was the ever-amazing Dash Rip Rock. They were not deterred by the heat of the day. They did some super originals and some fantastic cover music. All good things about those guys.

There were a few men around the side of the camp set up under a tent with the burners, pots, and fans cranking out these spicy mollusks–about 300 pounds to be exact!

By late afternoon, those that remained gathered round for the annual group photo. As you can see, there aren’t an abundance of women there, but I’m doing my best to change that!

It was a great day. The bimini top kept the sun off our necks, and the Gulf breezes blessed us with their gentle caresses throughout the day.

We ate. We drank. And we made merry.

It doesn’t get much better than that, cher!


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  1. This was a day I will always remember. We had the best time and met so many nice people. The band was great! I’m so proud of Captain Wendy and her award. I see she didn’t tell you about that.

    Oh yes, the award. Pshaw! I’m blushing with false humility!!!!!

  2. The award was “Dularger of the Year” for the work I did for the Second Annual Bayou Dularge Trash Bash. There were many who worked as hard as I, so I share it with them!

  3. That looks like a total blast!!! I would give my right arm to be able to try a crawfish boil in person some day!!! I LOVE shrimp, lobster and the whole shebang.. LOL Hope you enjoyed yourself and you need to tell us about YOUR AWARD!!!!! contgrats, please fill us in!!!

  4. Okay, so what’s up with all those orange shirts?

    Those shirts denote members of the fishing forum who had enough $$$ to buy themselves a shirt. They chose that color as easily visible from a distance, and you always know the “Dulargers” from everyone else. I guess it’s like a fishing club!

  5. I can thank fishfry for pointing me the way to your site. I am and avid blog reader so now yours is on my favoriates list. Thanks for all your hard work down the bayou.


  6. Welcome, Buddy! Have we had a chance to meet yet? Do you fish down this way? Fish Fry is a wealth of information, is he not? But I had no idea he was spreading my blog around!!! I’ll have to thank him next time I see him! Well, I don’t really call touring and fishing hard work, Buddy!!! But, it’s my pleasure for sure!

  7. Yes, I fish down da bayou when I’m not at work. (oilfield trash). In Africa right now but will be home soon. Hope to attend the Dec. 13th tournment/ gumbo cookoff.

  8. Well, Buddy, I can’t participate in the fishing, but I guess I could hang around an sling some gumbo! Africa? OMG!!! I hope to see you at Ike’s place in December!

  9. Thanks for the hot press on our opening show out in the boon docks! Hope you can make it to the next one too.

    Perennial Silver Medalists
    c-dog and Sun Rifle
    (the singer/guitar guy)