Ever heard of a Ducathlon? — 12 Comments

  1. This was a day I will always remember. We had the best time and met so many nice people. The band was great! I’m so proud of Captain Wendy and her award. I see she didn’t tell you about that.

    Oh yes, the award. Pshaw! I’m blushing with false humility!!!!!

  2. The award was “Dularger of the Year” for the work I did for the Second Annual Bayou Dularge Trash Bash. There were many who worked as hard as I, so I share it with them!

  3. That looks like a total blast!!! I would give my right arm to be able to try a crawfish boil in person some day!!! I LOVE shrimp, lobster and the whole shebang.. LOL Hope you enjoyed yourself and you need to tell us about YOUR AWARD!!!!! contgrats, please fill us in!!!

  4. Okay, so what’s up with all those orange shirts?

    Those shirts denote members of the fishing forum who had enough $$$ to buy themselves a shirt. They chose that color as easily visible from a distance, and you always know the “Dulargers” from everyone else. I guess it’s like a fishing club!

  5. I can thank fishfry for pointing me the way to your site. I am and avid blog reader so now yours is on my favoriates list. Thanks for all your hard work down the bayou.


  6. Welcome, Buddy! Have we had a chance to meet yet? Do you fish down this way? Fish Fry is a wealth of information, is he not? But I had no idea he was spreading my blog around!!! I’ll have to thank him next time I see him! Well, I don’t really call touring and fishing hard work, Buddy!!! But, it’s my pleasure for sure!

  7. Yes, I fish down da bayou when I’m not at work. (oilfield trash). In Africa right now but will be home soon. Hope to attend the Dec. 13th tournment/ gumbo cookoff.

  8. Thanks for the hot press on our opening show out in the boon docks! Hope you can make it to the next one too.

    Perennial Silver Medalists
    c-dog and Sun Rifle
    (the singer/guitar guy)

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