Bayou browsing or Bayou life? — 9 Comments

  1. Okay, my alarm doesn’t even go off until 6:00! But here’s my vote anyway – Bayou Life – simple, descriptive.

    And I have to pull myself away from the computer checking to see if you have a new post to get anything done around here!

  2. Sorry, Choup. I fished today – post coming soon!

    Heather, Boulette is NOT stew! But I will include the word for stew when I do the recipe. Maybe I’ll do it before Boulette! Oh, I pushed the time back until 6 tonight!!! Sorry about that!

  3. Did anyone mention how great your toenails looked in the hamper of shrimp picture? You go girl!! Not only a respected Capt., Mom, wife, cook and enviromentlist/conservationist……she can still keep her pedicure nice! Amazing lady.

  4. Boulette….isn’t it like a fried ball of components such as shrimp, crawfish, etc., mixed with the trinity then rolled in breadcrumbs then fried? I’ve had it as an appetizer or included in a crawfish stew or soup.

  5. Katybug! You’re so funny! And yes, that’s right about boulette. We’ll talk more about it when the recipe comes up. Of course, it will be the bayou version, which has a couple slight nuances.

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