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  1. Whoa…. That’s quite a lot to be carrying on your shoulders for the past few years.

    I understand why you’ve kept all of this quiet for as long as you have. They are very private and personal things and not to be bandied about to just anyone and everyone. The time has to be right to go public. If at all. Each person is different that way.

    I’m rooting for your success with the weekly show and with the school board election.

    You have always struck me as a very determined and strong woman. Though there’s a rough road ahead of you, with God’s grace and the help of family and friends, I’m sure you’ll get through the coming challenges.

    • Gue`, well, I’ve not known for a long time if there ever was a right time to share some of these things. But I’ve spent so many hours/years sharing our lives on the bayou with my readers that I felt it was only right to finally let y’all in on why I’m not consistently able to write interesting post, as in weekly. Truth is, some days I’m so busy wearing so many hats that by the time the sun goes down, all I can do is get ready for the sack, and can’t even think about sitting at my desk putting together cohesive thoughts! This blog is probably the one most important and fulfilling thing I’ve done for the past seven years of my life; and while my desire to continue to do so hasn’t changed, circumstances that dictate how my time is spent have changed. If elected, I will have to let something go, but if I’m able to lock down two more sponsors for the weekly radio show, I can stop worrying about income and direct more of my thoughts and time to writing and photography about life in the La. wetlands, which truly is my passion. Thank you for sticking by me and being one of my cyber supporters and friends. Occasionally, a reader will write me privately asking for prayers for themselves or family members, so I thought it only right to go ahead and let y’all know what’s really going on and ask for your prayers and support, for which I am very grateful!

  2. As the son of a board member, school boards and elevator boards, I can tell you’ll do fine. My Dad was president of the high school and the grade school boards (friends, this here is Illinois we got more political districts than most of rest of US combined.) We had a crate of school code books right below the wall phone right by the front door.
    Dad almost graduated from 6th grade so if you had a complaint you better have read the code book or it would be given to you as the door closed.

    You got my support and prayers. You are a remarkable person in an amazing place. I’ll continue pulling for your family as my decline seems to increase and I struggle to keep up with the mess that is my life.

    Not that I am totally familiar with names down that way but seems to me Billiot there would be as good a ballet name as an Irish name in Chicago politics.

    You go , girl.

    • You may be right about one thing, Blu–Billiot is a great name on a ballot down the bayou! I might be saying way too much here since anyone can read our comments, but I look at like this: Folks walk into the voting booth and see two names. If they’re satisfied and want more of the same, they can flip the switch for the incumbent. If they want something different, they can take a chance on me. It’s pretty simple, right? Your vote of confidence means a lot to me, because I know you are a very well read man. You must eat right and rest well so that your body can fight this thing. Everyone here who has followed your comments through the years has a vested concern in your well being, and when they say they are interceding on your behalf, they truly mean it. So you hang tough and ask for that help when you need it. And thanks for being such a faithful follower all these years!

  3. My prayers are with you too. I would vote for you if I could. I have always believed God will not place more on your shoulders than he knows you can bear and with all you are doing and have been through, it shows me he believes you are one strong lady.

    You need a sponsor such as Bass Pro. The show you will be doing is right up their alley! God speed.

    • Bass Pro would be a great sponsor, but I’ve learned that the larger the conglomerate, the harder is to get their ear. I’ve been working on Rouse’s grocery store giant, but I just can’t get a sit down with those folks. Seems in this electronic age when contact is so easy and information abundant, it is more difficult to get someone’s attention, to get them to read and acknowledge email. and phone calls? Voice mail seems to be what I get most and never a return phone call. I guess it’s come down to cold calls . . . knocking on the door and hoping I can get a receptive audience. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement, Cammy!

  4. My friend, I have no doubt the school would benefit from your tenacity, intelligence and loving soul. It is my prayer that this door be opened for you.

  5. You know you’d have my vote if it were possible. I think you’ll make a wonderful school board member. I just hope the voters in your parish can see what a hard working person you’ll be for their children.
    Good luck!

    • I just remembered…my friend’s (you met her at my home) daughter lives in Bourg. Terrebonne Parish, but is it in your district? Even if it’s not, I’ll make sure her mom lets her know you’re running.

      • No, Bourg is not in my district, and she will have three choices from which to pick. She can contact me if she would like, and I’ll tell her where I stand on important issues facing the school board right now. Thanks for letting the mom know about my campaign!

  6. Dear Readers, did you stumble upon this post or did you get your usual email notification? Seems we still may have a little glitch in the notification system. let me know, please, so we can sort this out!

    • Stumbled. I check several times a day to see if someone has made a reply. I think I used to get emails about replies as well as new post from you, but I haven’t gotten them in a very long time.

      • Perhaps a redundant question, but have ye added yer email to the list (using the subscription form on the right column)? Ye might try doing that and see if it tells ye yer already subscribed.

      • When you weren’t such a Big Shot (7 yrs ago), you used to post almost everyday. LOL! I really miss those “everyday” post about the family, the pets, cooking, fishing, hunting etc. AND… we can’t forget Bayou Fabio.

        • HEY, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say! Just for that, a new post on Sunday!
          Maybe it’s because I have to work so much I don’t get to cook, fish, hunt, visit with Fabio, etc like I used to. Big shot my hind foot, LOL!!! If I was truly a big shot, I wouldn’t have to work, and all I would have to do is have pets, fish, hunt, take photos and blog about it with y’all!!!!

          • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless that post comes early, I won’t see it till Mon. night. Going to Ms after church and I generally don’t have time to get on the computer before we head out.
            BTW, what was the raccoon’s name?

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