CooNee is still a baby . . . — 5 Comments

  1. That is one more beautiful animal. If I were younger, I’d have you find me one.

    Oh, Mr. John, you would love it. She is just the sweetest thing. I’m afraid she’s spoiled, though. Would Mrs. Betty let you have one in the house?!!!!

  2. I’ll come eat at your house. I’ll even bring the paper plates, plastic forks, and cups. Course, if you’re “boiling” ( those shrimp looked really good), I’ll bring the old newspapers! Ha HA!

    Grandmere seems to have everything under control raising CooNee. She is too cute. If only they’ed stay that small…..

    Girl, you just come on down here with those paper products and newspaper. We can buy us some shrimps right off the boat and boil them up at the Cypress Cottage. That would be so nice, but I’m not sure how BH would feel about it!!!!

  3. Well heavens to Betsy! Look at the expression in her eyes as she gazes, lovingly, at MaMa while being fed her bottle. Jeez.. I’m not looking forward to fall so I’ll enjoy her while I may.

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