CooNee is still a baby . . .

We’ve been trying to get CooNee to start eating cat food, softened in milk, but she just doesn’t know what to do yet. Even putting a little piece in her mouth doesn’t work. She just spits it out.

Her hunger is getting more demanding, though. She used to sleep between every feeding, but now she is much more active. She can crawl out of the large plastic storage crate she’s been staying in. She plays with us more and is learning how to run, which is more like a hopping lope.

She is a pretty messy eater, so I decided the easiest place to feed her a bottle is well . . .

in the kitchen sink. I know. You’ll never come eat at my house again. The idea to do this just happened yesterday. She woke up and was running around the house screaming for her bottle. I picked her up and carried her into the kitchen. She was so hungry that she was grabbing at everything while I was trying to prepare her bottle. Remember, those long claws are very sharp, and I have the marks to prove it today.

So, I placed her down in the sink while I fixed her bottle and then just popped it into her mouth. Since she gets milk on her and me when she eats, this was much better. I can quickly wipe her off with a little water and paper towel, and I don’t get anything on my clothing. Then I can take her out and quickly disinfect the sink with a spray and a wipe.

Well, if you think this is too weird, will you think it’s weird that she sleeps in my bed? When I go to bed, I let her play in my room, where she invariably crawls under the bed. After I turn the light off and get quiet, she plays a little longer, and then somehow climbs up into the bed, where she noses herself under the covers and crawls to the foot of the bed to find her spot. She sleeps there all night and wakes around 7 a.m. for her breakfast.

She is behind me as I type this. She is so still and quiet, that I think she is going down for her next little coon nap.

Our CooNee.

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  1. That is one more beautiful animal. If I were younger, I’d have you find me one.

    Oh, Mr. John, you would love it. She is just the sweetest thing. I’m afraid she’s spoiled, though. Would Mrs. Betty let you have one in the house?!!!!

  2. I’ll come eat at your house. I’ll even bring the paper plates, plastic forks, and cups. Course, if you’re “boiling” ( those shrimp looked really good), I’ll bring the old newspapers! Ha HA!

    Grandmere seems to have everything under control raising CooNee. She is too cute. If only they’ed stay that small…..

    Girl, you just come on down here with those paper products and newspaper. We can buy us some shrimps right off the boat and boil them up at the Cypress Cottage. That would be so nice, but I’m not sure how BH would feel about it!!!!

  3. Well heavens to Betsy! Look at the expression in her eyes as she gazes, lovingly, at MaMa while being fed her bottle. Jeez.. I’m not looking forward to fall so I’ll enjoy her while I may.