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  1. Redfish coubion…….
    Shrimp and Redfish creole……
    Broiled Redfish w/ a hint of butter and garlic
    Grilled skin on redfish filets…..
    Fish head soup.

    I remember the old days before game restrictions when you could catch ’em running and fill a skiff up as fast fast you could unhook ’em.

    Dang that looks relaxin………

  2. /derail on

    When I was a kid we used to fish the platforms and catch what we called “sand trout”, I am guessing they are different than what you have?

  3. You will pay for that comment. I may have to start charging you for my guiding services so that I can erase the stigma of being so tight that ” I squeek when I walk” Ha Ha —-Reply to that

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