Don't hate me

because I’m beautiful

because I love to fish!

Sometimes, people ask me to take their boats for a spin for them when they’ve been sitting up too long.  Such was the case last Thursday, and what a gorgeous day it was to make a late afternoon trip to my favorite lake.

My secret spots were not productive, so I drifted around and trolled around in the lake until I picked up about five trout.  I was ready to try one last spot before heading back in, but the trolling motor was STUCK in the working position.  It would not budge.  I could see the rust on the hinges as I  yanked and tugged and pulled and almost got a hernia.  I bent down and upside down and almost fell overboard trying to coax the little latch with my fingers.  No luck.

Ever so calmly and oh-so-nonchalantly, I trolled over to a gentleman who looked like he was about to pack it in for the day.  The sun was setting fast, and he was the only other boat in sight.

“Excuse me sir?  Could you help me, please?”

He lowered his trolling motor, and trolled over to me, talking, “Oh yea, I could tell you were having some trouble.  I know just what the problem is!”

I held his boat while he made quick work of my problem.  Speaking as he moved, “Oh yea, I had one like this once.  You gotta put your foot down on this piece like this, and turn this like this and then jerk it like so and there you go!  And it looks like it could use some grease.”

“Uh, yes, thanks so much.  It’s my friend’s boat, and it does need some grease!”

As the sun set, casting a bright indigo ring around the entire lake, I decided I would cast care to the wind and spend all day Friday on the water.  I would pack my lunch, water, good book, reading glasses.  I just needed a whole day away.  Guess I should have checked the forecast.

Friday was cold, windy, rough, miserable.  There was one trout in the whole lake, and I caught it and was back before noon.

Yesterday, while cleaning the camp, my neighbor from across the bayou hollered at me, “Hey ya wanna go fishing?  I’m about to leave.”

Roby picked me up on the bank about five minutes later, and off we went.

Please don’t hate me because not only do I love to fish? I love to catch fish and brag about it sometimes.

Like now!

Six reds, six trout, and seven bass all caught in the same honey hole!

And this morning, he called again but I was on tour, so he went without me.   He came in and we had a bite of lunch at the marina before heading out for a mid-afternoon trip.

And I really hate to brag, but

the fish were very plentiful in the marsh the past two days, and they were very, very hungry!  And I know some of you have counted the reds by now and realize that is more than a 2-person limit.  A few of those fish have been on ice since his first trip Sunday evening.

Roby’s lure of choice:  A raggedy old gold spoon that he finally lost to a huge red fish.  The red straightened the hook, and when Roby tried to bend it back, it broke clean off.  He’s so tight, he squeaks when he walks!

BW’s lure of choice:  Blue Moon, Chartreuse Terror Tail on 1/4 ounce red jighead, with eyes.  The bass just love it!

When I’m out fishing, the world has no cares.  Life is good, and sometimes I just hate to step back through the looking glass.

Until next time,

I’m your fishin’ fool BW

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  1. Redfish coubion…….
    Shrimp and Redfish creole……
    Broiled Redfish w/ a hint of butter and garlic
    Grilled skin on redfish filets…..
    Fish head soup.

    I remember the old days before game restrictions when you could catch ’em running and fill a skiff up as fast fast you could unhook ’em.

    Dang that looks relaxin………

  2. /derail on

    When I was a kid we used to fish the platforms and catch what we called “sand trout”, I am guessing they are different than what you have?

  3. You will pay for that comment. I may have to start charging you for my guiding services so that I can erase the stigma of being so tight that ” I squeek when I walk” Ha Ha —-Reply to that