Don't you love flowers that bloom in winter?

I do . . .


I love the old-fashioned look of narcissus growing naturally in the yard. And it thrills me to no end that these bulbs were so tenacious that they lived through being immersed under saltwater in September 2005 after Hurricane Rita flooded my community. The stagnant water remained for many weeks after the storm. These flowers remind me of the tenacity of the bayou people and their ability to bounce back. narcissus2.jpg

I hope you appreciate the beauty and determination of these flowers and the bayou people as much as I.


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  1. I’m so jealous. The words “flowers” and “winter” do not generally fit in the same sentence around here! LOL Very pretty!

    Hate to rub it in, but they smell delicious, too!!! Thanks for stopping by—let me go pay you a visit now!

  2. Those are so pretty – it will be quite awhile before we get to see those or their cousins, the daffodils around my neck of the woods! I love getting to see them down at your place though.

    When will they bloom, Dlyn?

  3. Those are just beautiful! And I love the analogy you made between the flowers and the people of your area.


    That’s Trish. That means a lot coming from a great writer like you!

  4. Green Thumb BW,

    I have a very wet backyard and the soil is dense. Crawfish like it tho, because I have tons of their huge mounds as testimony. Would those bulbs grow in that enviroment?

    I’ve planted wild flower seeds in the past but the Hubby forgets and mows over them before they mature! Maybe the bulbs will have a better life.