100,000 and counting! And we have a winner! — 16 Comments

  1. Congrats!!
    I was in the grocery store yesterday and a couple was walking by the coffee aisle that had a Community Coffee display on the end. The woman stopped, asked for her husbands cell phone and said “I’ve got to call Dad. I think this is cheaper here”. Her hubby asked what and she was explaining it was her dads favorite as I was leaving the aisle. It was on sale. So, there are lots of people down here that love it too.

    Have fun cleaning.

  2. That’s Community, All (for) community! I guess I’ll keep buying my Community Dark Roast , I can’t seem to win any here. LOL Congratulations on the sponsorship and the 100K hits. Will you be commenting on Gulp!, Tsunami, Blurp, Saltwater Assassin, H&H, Garmin……..LOL!

  3. Steffi, if memory serves, you won a wetland tour way back when in the very beginning, right? That was before I knew you were an avid fisherwoman!

    Oh, and the fishing sponsors are just around the corner. As soon as I have some ladies go fishing and we use some of those Gulp baits, it’s ON!!!

  4. Tsk tsk…. hopeless and wanton greedy and gratuitous etc etc.

    Anyhow congrats. hey might be in Loozy somewhere week of 14th somewhere. Ya’ll get the coffee ready.

    • Blu, why do you do that? Didn’t your momma teach you an manners at all? What do you mean by wanton greed and gratuitous? Are you insulting me? I’ll do just about anything to get folks to care about bayou life, even if it means letting CC give stuff away. What’s wrong with that? If you want me to get the coffee ready, you better take back those unkind and unfair words up there! And if you’re just joking, well, it’s hard to tell “tone” on the net!

  5. Oh lucky winner!

    Hope I can win too!

    I really enjoy reading about your life and all the fishing and the wonderful recipes too!

    Congrats on the 100,000 Readers! I am proud to be one of them!

    Liz in PA

  6. No I wasn’t insulting you or coffee or Nascar or Bass fishing or film industry.
    Its the time we live in I guess. I am now officially looking for sponsors for my retirement.

    100,000 readers, how many posters?

    No, as matter of fact Mom never taught me many manners and the ones I used to have gave me migranes.

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