Hurricane Ike – The Humans — 10 Comments

  1. Wish I’d known about Windstrong earlier. I’ve made contibutions to UMCOR for “Flood Buckets” recently. I’ll have to remember Windstrong after we get our home repairs done.
    Are you still having to post from your neighbors home or did your internet get fixed earlier than expected?

  2. This was truly one of the bright spots in the whole week. These guys (who call each other Harold), were so excited. We were so excited to have someone else hauling the shrimpy fridge to the street. It was all good. And every day after that when they would pass by the cottage taking another delivery of some type of aid down the bayou, they would honk and wave.

    Can’t wait to go eat at one of Mike’s restaurants!

  3. That is the best example of love they neighbor isnt it? Does he own any places outside your state? I would patron them if they are where I am from… So glad that they could help you baby – miss you and saying prayers. BTW is the mail being delivered there???

  4. Stephanie…….His restaurant is Mike’s Steak House. BW put a link to his information (underlined in blue) just below the first picture.

  5. Real quick everyone, I am still stopping in at friends’ to use internet quickly and hoping not to wear out my welcome, so I don’t have regular access yet.

    Sorry I did not post this sooner, Steph, but I just couldn’t. It’s a big deal editing photos and taking them with me to someone else’s computer!!

    Hardhat – thanks for the link–don’t have time today, but I will visit your blog and looking forward to comunicating with you.

    Heidi, you are a sweetheart. I am getting mail at the old address. And no, Mike’s Steakhouse is local!!!

    Blu, thanks for posting on MOD. Haven’t had time to visit the guys there lately. Hope you let them know what’s going on down here. Maybe post a link to my blog?

    Deloutre Switch – Miss you girl!


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