Thou shalt not covet . . .


these Zydeco dancing boots . . . nor


these one-of-a-kind Louisiana boots made almost 55 years ago
. . . but can I just dream a little?

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  1. Wow! Those LA boots are great! I can so see you scooting around a sawdust-covered floor in those boots.

    I know, huh? I love the pelicans! Just too cool.

  2. Okay, you’ve had more time on your hands today than I have. This post should be on my blog – or are you going to take lessons, too????

    Lessons? Nah. I’ve been practicing in the kitchen with Miah! He’s the only one who’ll dance with me! I made this post for you actually! I can only dream of Lucchese boots, unless I hock my boat!

  3. Haha, man, check out those boots! I’ve never seen anything like ’em! Wow. Whoever owns those must be the talk of the town.

    Rocky, if I had those boots, I’d dance to your music in them! Do you dance?