Grand Isle Beach Sweep! — 31 Comments

  1. I’m guessing Diane got to ride around in a four wheeler or something like that and pass out supplies/refreshments to the volunteers while taking photos.

  2. If Diane is the closest person in the photo, looks like she is on a 4-wheeler as Julie S. stated. I would guess she is picking up the bags of trash. And maybe handing out water too.

    • Oh, and I’m not so sure about that “semi-shady” reference. I am 100% shady thank you very much! Especially with that nice beach shelter that Mel’s got. You know, with that new groovy cool trailer command center he’s getting, maybe we could pick up those shelters pretty cheap.

  3. I think she is riding the 4-wheeler and picking up the trash. She is having a better time riding than those walking picking up the trash. She has the cool (semi) breeze blowing in her face while enjoying the luxury of riding and not walking in the hot humid environment of South LA.

    Also, I think she was carrying BW around to take pictures!

      • I should make it clear that SHE isn’t picking up the trash per se….that would require getting off the 4-wheeler and I’m sure she didn’t do that. Someone is doing it for her….Was it you BW? Taking pics and picking up trash. Whatever the case may be, kudos to all.

  4. In my defense…(1.) I was unaware there was a Beach Sweep (2) I had to visit my aunt (Alzheimer patient)
    (3.) It was my son’s birthday (mine too,)
    That being said, I conduct my own beach sweep every time we are there.
    Now, as to Diane…She was driving the 4 wheeler which was hauling the photographer (BW), and pulling a trailer on which the bags of trash were loaded. Almost forgot…Porta Potty, water and extra bags are also on the trailer.
    BW, Where is the location of the first photo? I’ve never seen the “G.I. Greeting” before now .

    • Ah, my dear, that gorgeous sign awaits your next arrival . . . out on the highway . . . before you cross onto the island! You’re going to love it! And you never have to defend yourself against my rantings! I was just picking at you but truly would love to have come across you there! And Happy Birthday to you and son! BW

    • Oh, and Steffi – don’t know if you’re interested, but there is a cleanup on Elmer Island on September 19th. Not sure if I’ll be there or not, but am planning on it as of now. You can get you one of those groovy green T-shirts!

  5. Rant all you want. I knew you were just yanking my chain.
    Elmer’s Island… I hope SOMEONE has picked up all the dead fish by then. I saw pictures in the newspaper just this week about a fish kill at Elmer’s Island. If they haven’t been…I’m pretty sure I’m busy that day. LOL!

  6. Obvious to me in the heat she was in charge of delivering the water bottles.
    We need better pictures of her. I don’t want to have to drive down and take my own. Raining here but cool enough to process a mess of mater’s for freezer. Red chilies this year in mix.

  7. In some of those photos, it almost looks like something was being dragged or “swept” behind a 4-wheeler to either smooth out the sand or to sweep up stuff.
    I guess I am thinking of cleaning out my garden area and leveling it. Don’t know when I will get to do that though. Thursday is the big “S” day for me and I will be out for 5-10 days and bedridden for a while after those are up.
    Darn, I wish I had a wireless laptop! I am going to get so far behind in stuff.
    I almost forgot. I made another big batch of your jambalaya. My mom took some home and she loved it too.

  8. I haven’t been on Grand Isle in a few years. Last time I was there, there was much trash left from the hurricanes. I’m glad to see it’s being cleaned up. I love the new Grand Isle sign! Do you know the artist?

  9. So what exactly is your new job, BW? I know you’ll be great at it, whatever it is.

    You asked me how I do so much and work full-time too. Remember that I have a huuby who is home full-time. That helps a lot. He does dishes, laundry, some cleaning, grocery shopping, mows the grass, takes care of critters and gardens. When I get home, I get to can what he’s harvested, maybe write a little, keep up with family, work on storytelling and keep up my blog.

    We don’t have a TV, don’t go “out” much, and don’t do much shopping unless it’s junking. We also don’t have any young’uns at home, which makes a huge difference in the workload!

  10. My daughter Jessica is the 12-yr-old in one of your pics. Thanks for saying such nice things about her. She had a great time that day!

    • Hi!! Didn’t we talk at the Art Exhibit in April? She really is a delightful and impressive young lady! Maybe when they’re about, say, 25, we can get her and my son together, LOL!!!!

      • Yes, we probably did talk at the art exhibit. We always go, and Jessica usually has at least one piece in the show (not this year, though). She always enjoys visiting with all of the artists and asking about their work. Lol, yeah maybe we can set up something in the future. The distant future…like after college, maybe. 🙂

        • Yep, we’re on the same page! I talked to you and your daughter and complimented her then. I remembered her from that beach sweep. How did you find me this time?

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