Spring brings lots of new things!

Like a boxful of soft black fur . . .

and laps full of loving’

and a new way to eat that doesn’t include momma cat

On a side note, while I was out, it looks like WordPress made some major changes without consulting with me first. I’m not too happy about that. Or maybe I just missed that memo, because I was out. Well, the changes will take some getting used to, and I just hope they’re for the better. Anyone else using WordPress who was not surprised by these changes, please let me know how you like them, would you please?


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  1. They are so danged cute!! We farm in Wisconsin and its GREAT to be able to take care of all kinds of baby animals… but cats are just fun. Are you going to be keeping them or trying to find them good homes??

  2. My weird brain and its workings….when I first read the word “WordPress” I thought “now that’s a strange name to pick for a cat.”

    Really cute litter. Congrats!

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ll go fix it right now.