Grand Isle Ladies' Fishing Rodeo – 6th Annual — 10 Comments

  1. I would have loved to have fished this with you but I am pretty sure my surgeon would have NOT been happy with me. Maybe next year! I have all the more reason to participate in these activities now that I have had my own scare with Breast Cancer and am still healing from the surgery. It looks like a lot of fun was had and for a very good cause!

  2. BW, did you kind of feel like a young kid again? I can remember fishingjust like that as a kid with my dad. I’ve even hooked fish then handed the rod off to my grandchildren. They’d get so excited and start screaming “I’ve got one, I’ve got one! It was music to my ears. All but one can cast it themselves now. I’ll have to wait a few years to hear it again. The “newest” grandchild is just 4 wks old today!

    • I DID feel like a kid again. Every cast, I would lose the hook to a fish, and it was non-stop re-rigging for Capt. Mark. As soon as he would cast the line out, I’d hand him the other rod, sans the hook! Those fish were starving, for sure. We must have let four big bull reds go. And I caught at least four of those beautiful macs. But we could not find a speckled trout anywhere.

  3. Oh look the iPad still works. Every morning in the predawn I foggily wait to hear Mark rattle in the kitchen. He has replaced Mom as that archetypical figure. My Spanish macs were smaller. Heal up fast November is coming.

  4. Well laid right thumb and that middle finger with a big hybrid striper.
    Sent Mark a pix and posted around the web. Lot of blood lost,

  5. It looks like a wonderful event – I’m glad you went, and glad you got out on the water. Heck, I’m glad you got a fish, too, even though you were a little handicapped! The costumes are great – I’m a little past the age where I enjoy doing that sort of thing, but I’ll sure sit around and enjoy!

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