If I eat a Clif Bar . . .

Could I climb a cliff?

Could I become a cliff diver?

Could I write a cliff hanger?

Probably not.

But let me show you what I COULD DO  and DID . . .

I could do a wetland tour and then go pick up LilSis and take her along on a short fishing trip.

I could help Lil Sis take down the cabinets in the old house, load them in the truck, and take them to the camp.  I could help her sort through, box up, take to storage and otherwise organize a couple of rooms.

I could help LilSis try with all our mights to remove this built-in corner desk.

I could work with Lil Sis removing the mirrors behind the corner desk.

I could help LilSis make these new awesome cake-based desserts for Dotter’s upcoming birthday lunch on Sunday.  Shhhh.  Don’t tell her.  It is a big surprise.  We call them “Cake Shooters”!  

I could take a trip to New Orleans, shop the French Market, the French Quarter and Magazine Street with LilSis and spend hours talking to her in our peaceful hotel courtyard. . .

I could share delicious gumbo and shrimp and grits at a quaint little courtyard restaurant like Cafe Amalie with my LilSis. I could eat Mediterranean food at Byblos and watch belly dancing, and eat fish tacos at The Rum House with her, too.

I could say, “THANK YOU” at four in the morning when she banged on the paper-thin wall letting the loud-talking folks on the other side know that we had HAD ENOUGH and it was past time for them to go to bed and to sleep.

And I could be very sad with LilSis that our time in the city was over, while waiting for the valet to bring our car down.

And lastly, I could be very thankful for the wonderful week we had together and all the inspiring talks we shared.

Who cares if I can’t climb a cliff, dive from one, or write a cliff hanger.

I have a Lil Sis like this and that’s all that mattered this week.


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  1. What a week we had! It was more than I had envisioned as I sped down the bayou road last Saturday evening toward your house. It’s something we have never done together before, but I truly hope there will be many more weeks like this to come.

    You are an amazing woman, and I’m proud to call you my sister! Love you!

  2. Always great to spend quality time with family BW and a short getaway is really nice,
    One of mine built a house next door so I see her a lot but they still came over last night to watch the FSU/Miami game,of course fresh Key West grunt fillets I caught yesterday in crab traps along with garlic crabs help too.We were all rooting for LSU last night too,great game.

    1. I knew you were in Florida . . . but are you way down in the keys? If you are a crabber down there, we definitely need to talk more!!! A fishing trip to the keys is on my life list . . . as is going to a fishing community in Alaska. Oh, and you’re a good sport rooting for LSU LOL!

  3. It sounds like you had a great week. Spending girl time is great but even better when it’s with a sister! You sure did get a lot done and those desserts look fantastic!

  4. What a wonderful week! There’s so much there I could envy, but you know what I envy most? That you have a sister. We only children think we have a good deal when we’re kids. Then, we grow up and see what we’ve missed out on!

  5. I think I mentioned she was a hottie once before so I will skip that.
    I been redoing the den and firing up the new iMac and soon the iPad.
    Where do all those annoying repetitive mail thing bobs come from anyway.
    Big fire soon at some buddy’s house. I’m up for a long tour of NOLA if anyone wants to volunteer as guide. My lil sis was a terror at remodeling and organization but out grew it I guess. 10 years older than me.

    BTW your blog is first friendly site I been to about increasing size on screen.

    Practicing my trout skills on the yankee sac’s.

    I miss Heathcliff cartoons.

    1. I want an I-Pad blu!!! Learn to filter those annoying thingies! Never had a “long tour”. We just took two days and did a lot of walking. I wish I could find the trout . . . at least you found the yankee sacs!!! I forgot about Heathcliff!

    1. Holly, when we were about to dip them in chocolate . . . we realized we had failed to photog and blog about this recipe!!! Dog gone it!!! More later . . .

      1. That is what we have always called them too. Try devils food cake w/cream cheese frosting dipped in white or dark chocolate. Oh boy!

        Or strawberry cake as a base.

  6. Wow, sounds like a great week! The pics are beautiful. I want to go to New Orleans but I have to come see you first. My list of places to go just keeps getting longer, now to go and win the lottery! LOL

  7. The Shooters look decadent! I wish I’d had a sister. AND…last but not least…let me know when you find the specks!

    You will post the recipe for the Shooters for us, won’t you?

    1. And we appreciate each other more and more as the years go by. The specks are getting closer and closer but may not make it into Decade. Hope Hubby doesn’t mind learning to fish Sister, Mud, and Mechant Lakes.

      1. Yeah, right! I haven’t been able to teach him to (consistently) put the toilet seat down in almost 40 yrs! I’ll not be able get him too far away from Decade.

  8. Just seeing those cake bites again made me want to eat them! Those probably go down as the best birthday dessert I’ve ever had! I wish I’d taken them all home with me, but it’s probably good I didn’t! 😉

    Thanks again!

  9. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.