Sunday Afternoon on the Bayou

Sunday.  The day of rest. Does that include fishing?

My daughter and son-in-law came down after church for grilled hamburgers.  Rach usually has this awesome naturally curly hair, but in honor of the cold front, she put the flat iron to it.  And it always takes me by surprise how much she reminds me of a younger me when I see her with straight hair.  I guess it’s just the hair, because other than that, we don’t look much alike.

She is, if I must say so myself, quote a lovely young woman.  Hmmmm. I wonder if I could dye my hair that color?!

After lunch, MuzicMan (son-in-law) and I took off to go fishing.  Again?  Yep, again.  Blog-readers orders!

Weather was fantastic, cool breeze, trolling the banks tossing gold spoons and catching bronze-colored

fish like the one above.  Some time later, we were fishing artificial baits under a Pogeaux Pop and started catching trout along the shoreline.

They were all cookie-cutter images at about 13 inches long–just right for frying up golden delicious!

Things were going all peaceful and serene until something showed up and started harassing us . . .

Not only was he not afraid . . .

he was quite persistent, as well.

Oh, no you don’t!

We finally had to give up the trout hole and let him have it.

I don’t know who was more annoyed–him or us!!

Thanks, MM, for a great afternoon of fishing and getting hung up on gates!!!

And thanks, everyone, for encouraging me to take the weekend off to relax and enjoy life on the bayou for a while.  It was super to be back out on the water!


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  1. I agree with Heidi – it is nice to be able to read your blog again! I’m glad to hear you’re getting out and doing something you love to do.

  2. OK, I know I’m the one who encouraged you to “Go Fish”, but now I’m just plain jealous! I want some “box trout” too! Or…. Reds, sheephead, flounder, blk. drum, etc. etc.

  3. Just catching up with my reading. It’s great to see and read that you are doing something you enjoy. You need it in order to take care of yourself. Still sending good wishes for more Blessings.
    *I’m feeling a little green with envy myself when I see that beautiful blue water!* ; )

  4. Steffi – you know it’s just a short drive down here and the boat is still in the water!!!

    Heidi – I left you a comment!

    Kim – Thanks! And I’m reading the second book first! How old is she now?

    J – Thanks for coming back by and checking on me. What I’m not doing is facing up to all that needs to be done down at my flood-damaged home. Just can’t do it yet.


  5. IF you MUST know – its home made soap!!!! It has to cure for a while before it is ready to use. I had my sister in law make a special batch of my favorite and it needed to sit for 6 weeks to harden!!! SO THERE I spilled the beans already!! happy!?!?!?!? LOL Its almost done now and I wanted to make sure you got it instead of some one else in the neighborhood! LOL

  6. I swear, fresh caught pan-fried fish is the ONLY fish I’ll eat. But I’m in Northern Illinois which means for much of the year I don’t get fish!

    Looks great.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. I am so jealous–trout! No wonder that gator showed up looking hungry.

    Wonderful to read your posts again. I can’t wait for things to be back to semi-normal for you. Your readers are here, patiently waiting.

  8. Hi, Bayouwoman, made it over to your blog from The Fishing Notebook. This is my first visit to the bayou and I really enjoy your fishing posts, and, excellent photography. I have added your link to my bloglist. Would you consider sharing a link with my blog? I will be back to read and learn more about fishing and life on the bayou.

  9. Sure, Mel! I am working on Fishing page, which will feature those very things. Be glad to do it and thanks for linking me!

    PS If any of you want to pay for dry ice shipment of fresh fish, just let me know and I’ll send you some. No charge!

  10. Peering down over my bifocals, doing my customary “clearing of the throat” at BW for posting:
    …..”What I’m not doing is facing up to all that needs to be done down at my flood-damaged home. Just can’t do it yet……” What you ARE doing my friend is taking the prescribed “break” to nurture yourself back into shape so you CAN get back to the tasks at hand. Can’t run on empty girl. Gotta refill your heart & soul as well as destress your physical body. Your tasks….all of them…will still be there after your break, they aren’t going anywhere.

  11. Deb – HA!! I love it!! “peering down over my bifocals, doing my customary clearning of the throat”! That is funny! You made me laugh!

    Yes, I know. It is amazing how much better I am feeling, even though the tasks are still there!!! I said to someone a few weeks ago, I can’t see the silver lining yet, but maybe when the insurance checks roll in things will start looking up.

    Heidi??? Home made soap? Are you serious? I’m sorry I spoiled the surprise, but I will still LOVE IT just as much!!!!!
    I can’t wait!!!!

  12. Thank you, thank you! Sophisticated…very nice. Yes. My dream is to one day own a wardrobe of ALL sophisticated clothing and dress up all of the time. I want to be perpetually artsy-looking. Guess we’ll see! 🙂