Green Thumb Envy, Part 1

Good morning, friends, faithful readers, and first-timers.  Do you feel neglected?  If so, please accept my apology this morning.  By way of explanation, just let me say that I’ve been digging my way out from under a mountain of paperwork, now reduced to a molehill, while feeling a little puny all week.  Puny.  That’s a good word, a word my father used in reference to being just a little under the weather.

Speaking of weather, does anyone else need a distraction from the ongoing barrage of hurricane-tracking reports?  Personally, I avoid them at all costs and have been known to be out near the Gulf of Mexico, fishing alone in my boat, and getting a call from a friend letting me know that there is an evacuation notice about to be issued.  Seriously.  That’s how much I hate hearing that a hurricane is coming.  It’s called denial.

So before I embark on a day that takes me into town for untold hours of finding alternate routes because Forest Whitaker, Oprah somebody, Robin Williams, Jane Fonda, and Cuba Gooding are clogging up the downtown streets of Houma making a film called “The Butler”, let me share some photos with you that make me happy.

As some of you may recall, I’ve been working with a project gathering data about hunting, fishing, and gathering in my community for almost a year now.  During that process, I have gotten to know some very enterprising and hard working folks.  The ones that impress me the most are the ones with the greenest thumbs, mainly because neither of mine are green.

Even if you do have the coveted green thumb, but especially if you don’t, I think you will enjoy the flowers, veggies, and fruits of their labors–not to mention the beauty of the color, texture, creativity, and hard work.


Yes, this was in late spring, and the garden has since played out, but there is still the fall garden yet to come.

And I’d really like to know what you’ve been doing at the end of the summer and what your thoughts are on this weather event that looms over the coast.

Tomorrow, the veggies.


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  1. I’m enjoying the coolness of the upper midwest on the shores of Lake Superior. I haven’t been keeping up with the news. I guess I need to check if there’s a storm brewing for you! We’ve had perfect weather here to enjoy. What are those white flowers in the first picture? Beautiful!

  2. Us Expats in NE Florida are glad to see Issac veer West toward the Panhandle. Susan and I have our Anniversary schedurled for a three days in Ormond Beach, hopefully without a Hurricane. Still, we hope it misses Ya’ll

  3. First, Happy Anniversary Charles and Susan! Hope every things turns out well.
    BW, the photos are great! So vibrant and artistic.
    Good thing you didn’t do a photo shoot at my house. I let Hubby pull up EVERYTHING at the front of the house. I was tired of hearing him complain about the Gardinias and I hated the Nandinias. So, they’re gone and I will HIRE someone to come in and redo the beds when it gets a little cooler. Whoever I hire will plan it and plant it! Hubby just has to pay for it! That was our agreement. BTW, my veggies didn’t do well this year. It was too dry and my heart just wasn’t in it. I had to spend a lot of time at the hospital with Daddy. I am happy to say that the Satsumas did just fine with the drought. Hubby actually placed boards under the limbs to keep them off the ground. They are LOADED this year. I had so many last year I didn’t know what to do with them. I believe we have twice as many this year! Wish y’all were closer. I know how much you like them.

      1. By the time I pick them, the Specks should be in Decade! I’ll just bring you some if I can get Hubby out on the water!

    1. You’re the second person to ask! I’ll have to ask her and get back to y’all. I thought she told me it was some kind of Bougenvilla, but the flowers seem too small for that.

  4. BW, Your pics are great! Let me be the 3rd to ask about the red and white flowers. They are beautiful!! I made my first Mock Strawberry Jam this year. Mostly did it for my Granddaughter who loves it. WIsh I knew more about canning. This would be something I would love to pass on to my grandkids. Thank You for sharing your Blog.. After finding it, I was hooked and look forward to each time you psot something. Like you glad that Issac may be turning towards Florid and away from us. DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH ANOTHER HURRICANE!!

    1. Michelle, your comments are always appreciated! What else would you like to learn about canning? I am open to doing a post about it. Glad you made the jam, though! Stay safe, now! BW

      1. BW, send Michelle on down here and I’ll help her learn to can also.:) Haven’t done much this year but, there are green beans, carrots and squash in there.

    2. Hey There BW keep safe, i’m watching the hurricane news from Alberta Canada and thinking about ur well being. Let us know how ya are eh?
      Be Blessed

      1. Heather, thanks so much for good thoughts from Alberta! Are you friends with Capt. Swallow? I think I will have to do a hurricane post here pretty quick for those who aren’t getting all the news. Schools are even closed today so families can prepare.

  5. Heads up, darlin’. Everythings trending west, and the latest GFS stalls this thing out NW of NOLA. There’s a 250 mile dispartity between the model extremes. They’re hoping for more resolution later tonight or tomorrow morning.

    One of the best to follow is Levi Cowan, who’s on Facebook as Tropical Tidbits. You can find his FB page and a link to his website here . He updates regularly on Twitter, too, along with Crown Weather and Ryan Maue. I follow both of them.

    Also, don’t forget DocNDSwamp on Weather Underground’s blog page. He’s the one who’s in Houma.

    I’m not ready to freak out, but if I were in your shoes I’d at least be paying closer attention than we thought would be necessary. Can you hear me huffing and puffing to send this thing back to the FloraBama?

    1. Well, Linda, I have to be honest. Your comment made me wake up and smell the coffee! I was truly in denial mode. We started making preparations Sunday and will continue today. Schools are even closed today, which is a first. I am thinking this deserves a post to help out of staters understand what’s going on. Thanks for waking me up.

      1. Here’s my prediction – a short-term Cat2 just before or at landfall, around LA/MS border. That and a $5 bill will buy you a fancy cup of coffee or a gallon of gas by the time this all is over.

        For folks out of area, I’ve found this live stream from WWL a pretty good source of info.

        I’m still huffing and puffing to send this baby east.

  6. Ok if hurricane happens somewhere do the fishies turn on or off….I was thinking of calling CwitdeR about that. Garden is doing well considering drought supposed to rain tomorrow all day. We will see…..

    Nekkid Ladies bloomed a week late and found cardinal flower at the pits this week. Life goes on….

    1. fish turn on in areas downstream after floodwaters recede carrying lots of crazy stuff they like to eat.
      Not sure I should even ask what N. Ladies are. We have cardinal flowers here, too.

  7. Beautiful! been dry and very hot here, this summer. Finally had a good rain today.
    Fall brings local fresh apples!
    Isaac needs to weaken before landfall! Go away! Sending you thoughts of happy days ahead!

  8. Nekkid Ladies are Lycoris spelling? Foliage dies off start of summer then bloom shoots up in August. Think civilized folks call them Magic Lily but if you seen a Nekkid Lady it is memorable.

    NOAA isn’t saying anything good. Might be time to go chase spotted bass or something.