Happy Bayou Easter!

This morning, bright, foggy, and early, my cell phone alerted me with a “DING”.

Who in the world is sending me a text this early in the morning?

It was from none other than Bayou Fabio.

With an Easter greeting.

In the form of a photo.

Shall I share?


Bayou Fabio Eater Eggs


This is what he calls a “poor man’s Easter Egg hunt”.

Can you tell me what these are?

I’m going to be out and about with family all day today, so I’ll check back here later to see your best guesses!

Don’t eat too much Easter candy!


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    1. Kelly! I have to apologize and say that since I’ve never had anyone ask to be removed as a follower, and I’ve looked into from my end, and WordPress does not give me any option to “unsubscribe” a follower. They say you can easily do this on your end. All I am shown is a list of people who are followers, but no way to “delete” any of them. Again, I’m sorry, but as a last resort, you could block the emails if you are getting email notifications of new posts from this blog. Sorry to lose you, but I surely hope this works for you somehow. BW

  1. Bouys used to hold the lines for gar fishing. Or technically, plastic 2 liter or 3 liter bottles filled with a substance to help them float and painted an ez to find orange. 🙂 Sure makes hunting Easter eggs easy on land. Happy Easter to all on the Bayou.

    1. Yep, those are his 2-liter soda bottles that he collects from the Bingo hall every week. He told my girlfriends and I when he came to visit last Sunday that he was going to do this, and I thought he was just joking. But he is crazy enough to pull this off!! It’s these kinds of things that Swamp People will never catch on film that depict the TRUE Bayou Fabio!!!

    1. Blu, nobody should be fishing down south on this holiday. Besides, we put out crab traps with juicy fish guts overnight and did not catch one single, solitary crab. See? Even the crabs know they shouldn’t be fishing on this day!! Termite and I fished four hours, all over the place on Friday, even soaked some shrimp, and NOTHING!

  2. As soon as I saw the photo, I knew what the “eggs” were. I guess he’ll be back tomorrow morning looking for fishing supplies.

  3. I left a note in my comment to you on my blog that I thought they were floats for his juglines, and it seems I was right. What a cool idea! And it looks like it was a beautiful morning. It was pretty here, until it wasn’t. That was fine – no one is complaining about a little rain, and we’ve all got our fingers crossed that we get a good dousing tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ve got jury duty tomorrow, and maybe longer. If I could pull off jury duty on rainy days, that would be just beyond cool

    You’ll never guess what I found in my Easter basket this year! No bunnies, no chicks, no chocolate – just a passle of baby alligators. There were twenty four of them all together. This photo shows twenty two. I’ve got some other gator pics that are great – I got really good at spotting them on the bank and probably saw two dozen. I was over at the wildlife refuge at Anahuac, and finding that clutch of babies was the best thing ever!

  4. So, is this comming week the 6th week yet?

    We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio!

    So far the newbies have not been too impressive to me. The Texans were not bad, but they are gone now. You know they’ll be back cause they lost the bet. Texas will mount a crew search and hire the best of the best to come back and try again. LOL

    We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio!

    Wonder how Willies hand is doing?

    We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio!

    No other newbie has really shined, and they are now three crews short, the Texans, Junior & Willie, and Joe & Tommy. Course Troy is running two crews now when needed.

    We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio! We Want Favio!

    1. Well, I certainly hope your wishes are granted soon, although I do not have the solid date yet as to when he will appear. The weekly query will go out at 8 this morning. Supposedly, they are saving the best for last! You know how ratings go. Maybe after a little break in the introduction of newbies and then the introduction of the icing on the cake will show a boost in ratings, and then they’ll know for certain that Bayou Fabio is all that and a bag of chips!!!