Hodge Podge and a Contest! — 9 Comments

  1. Name that photo: Politicians, they are all looking for a free ride!

    I love the strawberry stand photo. Makes me hungry. And, the spider wort or widows tears plant is taking over my yard in three different colors!! The ducks are unusual to say the least but, a GTO??????? WOW, just like the one we had when we got married!! Candy apple red and ours had a black vinyl top instead of the rag top and a 389, 4 speed with a Hurst shifter. Look out mama!!

    I choose the old cars in the street.

  2. Name the photo: Porn Queen. Cammy, Politicians have a way of s#%@&*%# the little people. Thanks for the inspiration for “Porn Queen”.
    Classic Cars gets my vote on a new topic. We’ve got a ’69 Chevelle SS 396 in need of restoration. Hubby (not his parents)bought it new Oct. ’68.

  3. My caption is great, but not even close to “R” rated. So you’ll just have to believe me, it was good. Was based on an old joke about how Indians name their kids.

  4. I like the old cars!!!! I’m a classic car nut. I was so disappointed in high school when I got a new Mustand and I had specifically asked for an old broken down one to fix up. (yes I’m spoiled, no need to point it out, I admit it).

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