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  1. Well, I’ll try again. I commented but it didn’t “take”. I’ve read Clovis, Manchac Swamp (the photos are BEAUTIFUL!), and yours, Before The Saltwater Came. I’m going to check the library for Linda Greenlaw’s books.
    Speaking of books…you’ve already got a good start on your life on the bayou. When can we expect another chapter?

    • Glad you tried again, because LilSis and I are still working behind the scenes fixing lots of little technical issues with the site. Since the post went up last night and there have been no comments, I was beginning to think it either wasn’t visible or there might be some kind of glitch with the comments capabilities. I hope your comment coming through means all is well and folks just don’t feel like commenting! Well, it would be a long, drawn out book if I went chronologically, so I’ll have to think about what the next chapter might be. Gee whiz. We’re 12 chapters in and only to 1982!!!

  2. Well, here I am again wondering what has happened to my friends/readers? Maybe the Comments being at the top of the post is confusing? Maybe they can’t find it? Maybe it took me so long to get back up and running that I lost all my readers? Thanks, Steffi, for being the brave one to leave a comment yesterday. I appreciate you!


  3. Sort of looks like the original way I sent comment. Well it’s still really nice and I know you and Lil Sis are working hard on this.
    As for the books you showed I will have to read the book by Linda Greenlaw and the cookbook by Gladys Taber. Thanks for sharing the books that you enjoyed. Keep making us proud of our wonderful Wetlands and keeping us informed on things that we seem to overlook in our beautiful area—-

  4. What’s with the math problem before being able to comment? Maybe your readers don’t have a calculator handy. LOL
    BTW, The first time seeing the new look…I scrolled right by the “comments” at the top of the page.

    • The math problems deter the Spam bots from slamming the site with ad comments and Spam emails to me. Sorry for the minor inconvenience. As I said before, this isn’t the final look. I’m hoping to have the comments back at the bottom like before. Hang with me!

  5. That’s a good article on bald cypresses. As you mentioned, some people have been planting them on properties that aren’t near creeks or ponds; seems like it would take a lot of irrigation to keep them from dying in such places.

    • Steve, welcome to this bayou blog and thanks for the kind words. Cypress seem amazingly adaptable, even to the point of growing in landscaped settings and having their knees chopped off every time the lawn is mowed. However, one thing I can’t quite figure out is why folks plant them in their yards so close to the house, knowing that the aerial roots will eventually sprawl under the slab and under the sidewalk and driveway. Not a good idea! So, it takes some forethought when planting these in a landscaped setting. Just a word of caution!

  6. Hi, BW.

    No comment from me means I just haven’t been online. I don’t get on the computer much at home during the workweek. The last time I looked, your prior entry was still up.

    The reason I’m here now is that I have picked up The Dreaded Lurgy (head cold) and called in sick. Ah, ah, aaaaCHOO! Sorry about that. Sniff.

    I love books and I love to read. The only author you’ve listed that I’m familar with is Rawlings and only because I read ‘The Yearling’ years ago. I didn’t realize she had other titles.

    You better get cracking on that life story of yours! You’ve still got another 20 some odd years to get down on paper.

    I’ll have to check out your ladies.

    • Gue` – ah, ah aaaaCHOO back! I’m down AGAIN with The Dreaded Lurgy. Our weather goes from short sleeves to long johns over a matter of a couple of days. It’s been the weirdest winter in recent memory. Glad you’re here, though! I know I need to get cracking, but something else in my lief will have to take a backseat or get kicked out of the car in order to make room for what seems like full time writing! They each have even more books–I just listed a couple. If you follow the links, you can see more of what they’ve written. Enjoy!

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