It was just a trashy day!

Today was the second annual Bayou Dularge Trash Bash. I don’t have time to make a detailed post, because I have to get ready for a dinner party. If you want a preview of the day, you’ll just have to visit and take a peek!

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  1. Looks like it was a hit. Hope someone got the oyster man that continually dumps in the water. Not yet, but we’re getting some cooperation from enforcement after this cleanup!

    Did I see some familiar (family) faces in the pictures? No!

    Y’all are wonderful to put forth such effort for this great cause. Congrats to all for the second year! And a GREAT thanks to Bayou Woman for doing so much to initiate the first one. I appreciate that, Cuz, but you know there were a couple of us who did the work! There were 3 of us this year!

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